Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Four

This week has been both bitter and sweet. And that’s partly why this post is coming to you a day late. On Saturday morning Chris’s grandmother, Nanny, passed away. She had lived a long life full of love from her husband, three children, and multiple grand children, but still it’s hard to fathom that someone you knew, and held in a corner of your heart, is no longer here. My gratitude list this week is dedicated to her memory. Although I was only part of your life for a short time Nanny, I am grateful that you took me into your life, into your home, and allowed me to live with Chris in your house. I am grateful you shared with me stories about your life and lessons about love and soul mates. Thank you Nanny, we will miss you.

Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Four:

sleepoverMonday: I love long-weekend Mondays. The exquisite feeling of waking up, realising it’s Monday, and then realising that you don’t have to go to work, cannot be underestimated. Today I was grateful for a long walk, some intense time in the kitchen baking dozens of gluten free cupcakes, and some time relaxing in my favourite sunny spot on the back verandah with a good book.

work in progressTuesday: Today we were all back in the office after a wonderful long weekend break and straight back into the thick of things with lots due out. I was grateful that I could put a smile on everyone’s face with a few batches of cupcakes, and I was grateful that the co-worker I was collaborating with today was super organised and ready to get things done. I appreciate efficiency.

Wednesday: Today I was not in a running mood. Although I love to run, there are days when I know I am just going to make myself cranky if I try to crank out the miles when I don’t feel like it. Instead I picked up my weights and sweated and lifted through a half hour session. Workout: done. Endorphins: achieved. I am grateful that I can celebrate moving my body in different ways and nourish it with different types of exercise.

desk lunchThursday: Tonight after work Chris and I enjoyed some dinner out (sushi train) before we headed to one of our local furniture stores to order some of the things for our house! I cannot wait to share with you what our house looks like when we eventually move in and all the boxes are unpacked. I am grateful that Chris compromised and agreed on the dining room chairs that I have been dreaming about for the last year. Furniture shopping was made easier by the help of a great sales assistant. I was seriously grateful for all of his help.

Friday: Tonight Jess and I had a sleepover! We were working on a baking job together (a baby shower for a little girl). It was so great to spend a whole night chatting to Jess as I piped buttercream roses and she made and decorated dozens of little bird cookies, melting moments, and chocolate caramel slice. I was grateful for the time with my sister to talk about everything and nothing while making pretty things.

buttercream roses 2buttercream rosesSaturday: This morning Jess and I started out with a walk (I seriously needed to burn off some of the buttercream I ‘tested’ last night) and then Chris and I headed out for some more furniture buying and to see Jurassic World. I must have had a seriously sheltered childhood because I don’t remember seeing any of the Jurassic Park movies. I loved this one! I’m going to have to revisit all of them now. I was grateful for a quiet rainy day of shopping for furniture and enjoyed a film with Chris. The house is so close now, and I am so grateful that we are planning and making this exciting next stage of our life together happen. sunday walkSunday: Sunday got off to a very slow start in our house this week. We were both a bit shocked after hearing the news about Chris’s Nanny and we needed the extra snuggles in bed. After that I tiptoed around the kitchen testing a few recipes and reading a book while the rain fell in a soft curtain over the bay. In a blue-skied break in the weather I went out for a walk and returned just as the rain was starting to fall again. I was grateful for a soothing Sunday and the blessing of a rainy afternoon.

Also This Week:

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Nineteen

I cannot believe it’s Monday morning again already! Last week was so full of celebrations and amazing things that the days flew past. I was reflecting on something I read recently ‘the days are long, but the years are short’. I think that reflecting on what I am grateful for everyday helps me to see what I have achieved each day, or a special moment that has brought me pause among the busyness of life so that I really see the day before it goes zooming past. So if you can, take a moment during the day when you can sit quietly, commuting makes this easy sometimes, and just let yourself really remember something good or special that happened to you during the day. Here is what I have been reflecting on, and grateful for, this week in my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Nineteen:

sprinkle cupcakeMonday: Monday night power run tonight! I felt so well rested and ready to move that I got in 8km to start the week. I am always grateful for a run that leaves me sweaty, short of breath and smiling. I remember the days when running wasn’t high on my agenda and I am grateful for this body and the way it makes a celebration of movement now.

Tuesday: Today I had a big chat to Mum at lunch time while I was at work. I’m not always the best at picking up the telephone so I’m trying to make more of an effort. I was grateful to talk to her about this and that and all in between and just take a mental break from work.

big fat saladWednesday: Today was Chris’s birthday! Everyday I wake up next to this wonderful man and I am grateful for the day he came into my life, and all the days we have spent together since. He is my greatest adventure and best friend and I am grateful that his heart rests with mine.

Chris and Amy birthdayThursday:  Today I found out that a cinema in the city is playing Monty Python and The Holy Grail! My Dad and I love Monty Python so I booked us in for a Dad-Daughter date! I can’t wait to share some laughs with my wonderful Dad in a few weekend’s time. I’m grateful that I live so close to my parents so that we can spend moments like this together.

Friday:  Tonight Chris and I headed out the movies (Gold Class ooh la la) to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was so so good! We lay back and enjoyed our fancy date night and laughed and wondered at the movies. I was grateful we could treat ourselves and enjoy a night out together at the end of the week and to celebrate Chris’s birthday.

sconeSaturday: Today was packed with great things! The morning started with a market trip with my ladies, and then a heart-racing 9.5km run. When I got home Chris and I headed out to get his beard all fancied up for his birthday party tonight (he’s a hipster, but in a totally not-ironic way…). We got home and I entered a cupcake making frenzy; when the icing sugar settled I had two successful recipes and lots of cupcakes to share! Tonight we headed to our friend Nick’s place to enjoy Chris’s birthday celebration. Laughter, board games, and frosting smiles followed. I was grateful that my darling had a good time with his friends for his birthday.

Sunday: This morning was not my finest hour as a human. I stressed myself way out and I was grateful that Chris calmed me down. After some tears and snuggles (I was one tired lady) we headed over to celebrate my Mum (and aunty and grandmother) for Mother’s Day. I will never be able to show enough gratitude for all this wonderful lady has done for me, and my greatest tribute will be to strive to live a life worthy of the love that has nurtured me. After morning tea we headed out to Chris’s parents place for a surprise visit to Chris’s Mum. Because they live two hours away we don’t get to visit as often as we would like. We didn’t tell Ruth that we were coming, but the rest of the family knew. She was so surprised and delighted by our unexpected visit that it was well worth the travel. I am grateful to my (kind of) ‘mother-in-law’ for making me feel so welcomed into and part of their family. I was also grateful to Chris who did most of the long haul driving despite our late Saturday night. When we got home we fell into bed exhausted but grateful for a love-filled weekend.

Mother's DayAlso this week:

  • We celebrated Chris’s birthday with Sprinkle Birthday Cake Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream – there were none left over, which is always a good sign!
  • Mum and Jess and I enjoyed leftover scones for breakfast on Saturday morning. They made the perfect market fuel.
  • My amazing friend Lynn’s cookbook is available for pre-order! More than 20 recipes for puppy chow! I cannot wait to get my copy!


Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Seven

Currently I have a crumble pie baking away in the oven, a cup of tea by my side, and some science podcasts playing on my iPhone. In other words, a perfect sleep-in Sunday wake up before I head off to one of my best friend’s homes for a catch up over lunch. Later this afternoon I’m planning to have a long walk along the bay, and perhaps indulge in some sunset photography. Sundays should count. Often they become about busily getting things done before we all head off to work on Monday, but I want to challenge each of us to make Sundays count. Find a ritual that makes Sunday feel important and treasured in your life. Are you Sunday brunch people? Sunday long runners? What makes your Sunday count? Let’s have a Nourished Life every day of the week. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Seven:

valentines dayMonday: Today was full of lots of wonderful things! My Mum and Dad celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary Mum and Dad!) and Chris started in a new position at work! I am so grateful that he has been given this opportunity and grateful that other people are recognising the hard work he puts into his job.

Tuesday: Such a great run tonight! I tried a new route and found a whole row of pretty houses to look at while I ran past. I was grateful for the musical talents of a young lady I ran past who was sitting out on her porch practicing her guitar. There is so much hidden talent in the world. Also today, Yum. Gluten Free Magazine featured my Red Velvet Cake recipe on their Facebook page and I had more people visit the blog than ever before! I am so grateful for all the support I have had since starting this little place on the internet.

Wednesday: Holy tired Amy tonight. When I got home from work I didn’t even have the energy to make it through my ‘just 30 minutes’ of exercise. This was the first day all year that I didn’t get out to exercise! I was on a streak for sure, but sometimes you need to just listen to your body and let it rest. I was grateful to Chris for taking care of me, and putting me to bed, and making sure I got lots of sleep.

Thursday: Tonight Chris and I went for a long walk along the water before dinner and watched the seagulls pick their way through the tidal pools. I am grateful for our walks and the talks we have while we are out there. After our walk I got to work on a cake job I had. I was grateful for a chance to stretch my creative wings in a new way, but I am always reminded by these jobs that I am not cut out for a career as a cake decorator!

evening walkFriday: Today I came home to find that Chris had bought me a huge bunch of gorgeous red roses and some of my favourite chocolates (Lindt 85% oh yeah). I am so grateful for the thoughtful man I have in my life, and the way he makes me feel special every day.

Saturday: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I started my day with my first Valentine: my Mum! We had breakfast and coffee at the markets and enjoyed long chats about everything. I am grateful that I have a Mum who is also one of my closest friends. Today’s topic of conversation: letting yourself believe that you deserve happiness. So many big thoughts to sort through about that. After a sweaty run and row at the gym Chris and I headed off to see ‘The Kingsman’ and eat our body weight in popcorn and m&ms. This is our sort of Valentine’s Day! Tonight we walked along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which is where we ended our first date. I am grateful that Chris and I make Valentine’s Day our own and just let ourselves do our kind of love every day. I am grateful for you sweetheart and the way you make loving easy and extraordinary at the same time.

city 2 14-02-15Sunday: Today I enjoyed an extreme sleep in. I have just wandered into the kitchen and made pie, and we are heading off to see some friends we haven’t caught up with in a while. I am grateful for the chance to see one of my best friends, and my family, and just sit out on the deck on a Sunday and celebrate life.

Also this week:

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty-Two

We are currently enjoying a rainy couple of days at the beach, and the quiet time is giving me time to think about all I have been grateful for this year. I am coalescing my thoughts before sharing them here on the blog, but for now there has been plenty to be grateful for this last, festive week of 2014. I will capture our Sunday in next week’s post as we are going to be without internet for a few days. So, here it is, my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty-Two:

Monday: The beginning of this festive week! Today I started my day with a lazy reading session on the couch before heading to the gym and getting started on our Christmas present wrapping. When Chris got home tonight I made pasta for dinner and we watched West Wing. I was grateful for a day of relaxation on my first official holidays.

scones and coffee

Tuesday: Today was all about the baking! After a tough interval run and weights session at the gym I settled in with some festive podcasts, a whole lot of butter and sugar, and a Christmas baking list to accomplish. I baked spiced nuts, peppermint brownies, and oat cookies. The scent of spices filled the kitchen and I was grateful for the moment baking things filled with love to give and share with my nearest and dearest.

cinnamon scrolls

Wednesday: Christmas Eve! This morning I went for a hot 12.5km walk before Chris and I packed up and headed over to Jess and Trent’s to start our family Christmas Eve celebrations. While Jess and Mum got started on the roasted dinner and Chris ran any errands that we had forgotten, I made some cinnamon rolls to rest in the fridge overnight for breakfast tomorrow. Then we all got ready for the rest of the family to appear. As the evening came the family gathered around the table. Champagne was popped, roast pork (and veggies!) was consumed, and then our dessert smorgasbord came to life. There was much cheer and laughter, and the Christmas spirit was alive and well. I was grateful for the time with my family, and the sweetness of their presence was the greatest gift indeed.


Thursday: Christmas Day! Today was full of so much family time! We started our morning with breakfast with Mum, Dad, Jess, Trent, and Trent’s family. My cinnamon rolls were were a hit and Jess made delicious scrambled eggs. After breakfast we exchanged gifts. Chris and I were spoiled (as always), but the greatest gift was spending time with them all on Christmas morning. Chris and I travelled to Toowoomba for Christmas lunch with his family. We enjoyed a delicious feast while sitting out on the deck looking out over the valley before we headed back to Brisbane for dinner with Chris’s extended family. I was grateful for time with all the people we love and just as grateful when Chris and I got back to our own bed. I was so grateful to Chris for doing all the driving on Christmas Day too. The greatest gifts we received though was the love and time with our families.

boxing day walking

Friday: Today we decided that nothing was the order of the day. While Chris slept I got my run on covering 12km before coming back and curling up on the couch with books all day. I managed to polish off some of the leftover cookies and do a little cleaning, but I was grateful just to spend the day mostly doing nothing and getting ready to go to the beach tomorrow.

Saturday: Today I woke up and enjoyed a quite breakfast while I got stuck into a new book. After a tough run and weights session at the gym, Chris and I curled up in bed and watched a movie before packing and getting started towards the coast. I am grateful for the quiet rainy weather and the chance to escape the city for a while and just spend time walking on the beach, reading, and talking late into the night.

Also this week:

  • I shared my first scone recipe, and I can tell you there were none left after breakfast on Christmas morning.
  • Chris and I got a sweet card from our friends Lynn and Matt from Fresh April Flours – thank you lovelies!
  • I made a big batch of this sweet potato and haloumi salad to take with us on the road

Merry Christmas Everyone, and I hope there was much to be grateful for this week in your lives.

Merry Christmas To All

Chris and Amy Christmas

The best gifts we receive today do not come wrapped in shiny bows and bright paper. The best gifts we can receive are those of love everlasting, kindness to carry in our hearts all year through, and the purest of joy to light even our darkest days.

I am grateful for my family and friends, for the love, hope and faith they gift me with everyday, even when I am at my most undeserving. I am grateful for the strength of their hearts and their loving presence in my life.

I am grateful to the universe for giving me the opportunity to live this life of adventure, safe harbours to weather storms, beauty when I remember to open my eyes to see it, and everyday grace.

I am grateful to each and every one of you who visit my little Nourished Life table. I am grateful that you are here to share my yummy treats, my attempt at living a grateful life, and inspiring me to keep writing.

I am grateful for the man who loves me, who cradles me in his arms when I am weak, who stand beside me when I fight, and who taught my heart that there is an inexhaustible amount of love in the universe when you open you heart to receive it.

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope this year brings nourishment for mind, body and soul, tidings of joy, kindness in all that you do, gratitude for the beauty of our every day lives, and love for every corner of your heart.

x Amy.

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty

Our house currently smells like Christmas. The scent of Frosted Peppermint Brownies is mingling with Spiced Almond and White Chocolate Blondies (both coming up soon, and both the perfect quick-mix solution to last minute holiday sweet requirements – enough advertising) and I am lying in fresh sheets just enjoying feeling hale and hearty again while watching Mr Stephen Colbert do his hilarious thing. Of course, the most important thing about this moment is that Chris and I are both recovered from our mysterious virus and ready to continue the festive season in a healthy spirit. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty:

Monday: Today started with Chris very unwell. We waited for the doctors to open, got Chris some metoclopramide (anti-vomit wonder drug) and then shuffled him back to bed for the day. I was grateful when I came home from work that he was looking a lot better, and grateful to the doctors for taking such good care of him.

cherry cake

Tuesday: With fifteen people in the meeting room today I had a busy one on my hands, and I was grateful to my workmates for helping me keep everything running smoothly. After work I had a much needed stress-busting run and Chris took me out for a sushi dinner at a new restaurant that is sure to become a favourite (so many vegetarian coeliac options).

Wednesday: Today started with a 2am drive to our local emergency room (they are getting to know us down there…). Once again I am floored by the care and concern and love this man shows for me. The universe has given me a gift that I am grateful for everyday. Chris took such good care of me today, and even when all I wanted to eat was oranges, he rushed out to procure them so I could finally put something in my belly. He definitely deserves his Christmas presents this year!

grey sky walk

Thursday: Thanks to the wonder of doctors and drugs I was back up and at ’em today and off to get stuff done at work. I was grateful for my workmates keeping everything running smoothly while I was away, and when I started to flag in the afternoon I was grateful when they sent me home to rest so I could be back on my feet sooner. Chris and I even managed to make it out for a quiet dinner – and I got to eat something real for the first time in two days! It was the best pasta I have ever tasted. Actually, I’m thinking of re-creating this simple, veggie and herb filled pasta sauce in the new year…

Friday: Today we sent off the trailers that we have been working hard on for the Army for the last year and a half. We stopped for a group shot of all of us celebrating this important milestone. I was grateful to see the physical product of what, to me, is mostly paperwork and editing marks.


Saturday: My weekend got off to a nourishing start with a market breakfast date with Mum and Jess. We talked about Christmas plans (family dinner, sleepover with my sister, and family breakfast – yay!) and I bought a massive watermelon (just can’t get enough at the moment). Tonight Chris and I headed off to join my workmates at our annual Christmas party! Our company is so lovely as to book out one of the best seafood restaurants in Brisbane (happy Chris) and pop endless bottles of champagne (happy Amy). We had an amazing night hanging out with our friends Jess and Bruno and followed up the Christmas party with a little dancing, and a sleepover at their house. I am grateful for the friends that this job has brought to me.

Dad birthday

Sunday: Today Jess drove us home (thanks Jess) so Chris and I could join Mum, Dad and (sister) Jess to celebrate Dad’s birthday with morning tea. I am grateful for my Dad, who is both father, friend, teacher, inspiration, and (loving) tormentor. With every birthday that passes I am grateful for everything he has sacrificed for my sister and I, all the work he did to make sure that we never went without, and all the love that he has shown us every step of the way. Love you Dad. This afternoon I walked off my chocolate cake breakfast (you just gotta do it sometimes) and baked some blondies as a Merry Christmas to some of my co-workers.

Also this week:

  • I couldn’t get enough of this cake last weekend – you need to make this one, trust me!
  • My sister made my Gingerbread Cupcakes for her workplace and they loved them (secret thrill when I hear this!)
  • I may be getting one of these for Christmas, and I may be just a little (okay, a lot) excited…

Tell me, dear readers, what are you grateful for this week? Also, I’m sorry if I haven’t replied to your comment yet, I was out of action for a few days and I’m still catching up!

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Five

Right now I am sitting in a patch of winter sun after a walk along the bay. It’s a rather nineteenth century notion, but I do believe that ‘taking the air’ when you are sick can be of benefit. Even if just to relieve you of the cabin fever of being relegated to a comfy chair in the living room or curled up in bed under the covers watching re-runs of your favourite cooking shows. So, this morning, a walk it was. It gave me time to bathe in the glorious morning rays and reflect on what I have been grateful for this week. Now, I’m sharing it with you in this Thoroughly Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week Twenty-Five:

Monday: Today I was grateful to finish work, go for a run, and then curl up under the covers with a big bowl of veggies for dinner. Chris and I watched the Game of Thrones season final. I am grateful to Chris for introducing me to this world of fantasy, dragons, and lady knights. I really must get back into reading the books again. I love the escape of the world George R. R. Martin has created.

Tuesday: Today we submitted a big report at work. I was grateful for the help of all the members of our team who helped to put it together so neatly. I was also grateful that we finished by 10.30am! No mad rush at the end of the day made for a good run at the gym and a delicious dinner with Chris.

Wednesday: Today after work I had some baking to do for a local cafe. I got home, made the cake and was resting on my laurels while we were relaxing in front of the television watching football when I realised that I had left the cake in the oven and overcooked it by about an hour! I was grateful for Chris’s grace under pressure when he took care of the clean up after I dropped the cake on the ground in my haste to remove it from its fiery grave. He calmed me down and then I got to work making another cake. Grateful for his calming presence in my life for sure.


Thursday: Today I came home from work exhibiting the delicious symptoms of bronchitis. So attractive. When I stepped through the door though I was greeted by a freshly cleaned house, candles burning and a big cuddle from Chris. I instantly felt better. I am grateful for these moments when I realise that we are both giving 100%.

Immunity smoothie

Friday: Today I didn’t wake up until after I was supposed to have been at work for an hour. Yep. Immune system failure (I do not get ‘sick’). I spent the day ‘taking to the bed’ before Chris and I went to Mum and Dad’s for dinner and a sleepover. I am grateful for parents who are friends as well. We laughed and teased each other, and I may have done a fish impersonation while wearing Dad’s new goggles (he’s going seal diving in New Zealand! So jealous).

Parsley, Chickpea, Avocado, and Greens Salad | Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Saturday: Today Mum, Jess and I went to the farmer’s markets and I stocked up on all the veggies to make me feel better. Big soups are coming. When I got home Chris surprised me with a lunch date at one of my favourite restaurants on the harbour! Then we went and checked on the progress of our townhouse. Nothing much to show yet, but I will share when I have more details. I am grateful that we are able to have our own little place in this world, even if it feels like it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to build.

harbour lunch

Sunday: Today is my Aunty Lone’s birthday! Happy birthday Aunty Lone! I am grateful to have such a strong role model in you. My earliest memories of you include when we used to have sleepovers and I would prance around your house in your long silk nighties sipping from a (plastic) champagne glass and then fall asleep in your big soft bed. Love you.

Mum and Aunty Lone

Now, I am off to an afternoon tea birthday party to celebrate my Aunty (I’m bringing a double batch of these cookies), and to relax before work tomorrow. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Tell me what you’ve been up to this week? What have you been grateful for?

Also this week:

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Nineteen

As I write I am sitting in a patch of afternoon sun with the bay breeze blowing through the window. I should be working on my uni dissertation, and this it the plan for the rest of the evening, but first I need to reflect a little on the full and amazing week that I have had. Let’s not procrastinate, here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Nineteen:

Monday: Today winter made its first bite felt here in Brisbane. I warmed up with a great 5 mile run this evening and when I got home Chris had made sure to turn the heating on so that the house was toasty warm. I am grateful that he is so thoughtful. After dinner I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream for Chris to take to work for his birthday. Also, after that run, I licked the bowl…

Tuesday: Today was Chris’s birthday! I am so grateful for this man and for living my life with someone who is funny, smart, and takes such great care of me. Happy birthday my darling. We celebrated with an easy dinner (Chris had KFC for his birthday treat) and watched ‘The Monuments Men’ – highly recommended. Thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes, he was very touched.

chris birthday

Wednesday: Today I took a walk at lunch time and called my Mormor. I am grateful that I still have my grandmother here to talk to about everything. Sometimes people write off their elders as not understanding what they are going through forgetting that they have already lived that part of their life and might have some wisdom to offer. I am grateful to talk to my grandmother about life, men, relationships, food (we are the gluten intolerant ones in the family) and fashion (she was a seamstress and dressmaker in her youth).

Thursday: This afternoon I had a major headache and just felt blech. I know that’s not a word, but I think we all understand the feeling. I was grateful to come home, crawl into bed with Chris who took care of dinner and entertainment for us this evening. Also, I made cookies, and cookies make me feel better every time.


Friday: Today I wrote about some hard things. Like Ernest Hemingway said ‘write hard and clear about what hurts’. I’m grateful that I have this place to write about things that are on my mind. I am grateful to all of you who responded. I try to mainly talk about food and gratitude here, but if someone could read those words and know that the comparison game, the constant striving to measure up to all those huge expectations of yourself, is not always the kindest thing you can do for yourself. I’m not saying that we should give up and accept our lot, rather, I am saying that if you focus on making your little corner of the world better, then you are creating something great for the people around you and inspiring others to do the same.


Saturday: Today we celebrated Chris’s birthday! I went for a huge walk in the morning because I knew there was an awesome ice cream cake coming (even if I do say so myself…). Chris and I cleaned and rearranged the house and in the evening we were joined by some great friends to celebrate through the night. I am grateful that people came to celebrate with Chris and we had a great time. P.S. Our friends James and Nick made the most awesome Nutella ice cream…I’m going to copycat that as soon as possible!

the sky

Sunday: This morning we celebrated Mother’s Day! Mum, Dad, Mormor, Aunty Lone, Uncle Paul, Grace and Grandad Gil and I gathered for breakfast on the water. It was a wonderful morning. I am so grateful for my Mum. I have gone through some big changes in the past few years, some devastating moments, and so many wonderful things and I know that without Mum I wouldn’t have survived the bad and thrived and celebrated the good. My Mum is a woman who was born to be a mother. She is strong, sweet, kind, firm, funny, and adventurous. She has read more books than I think I will ever manage in my life. She has the best taste in action movies. She is my couch companion for Miss Marple, Poirot, and Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett please) binges. If I am half the woman, half the mother, that she is when I finally ‘grow up’ then I will be happy indeed. Love you Mum and thank you for everything you have done for Jess and I throughout the years.

Mama and Me

Also this week:

  • I made Chris this chicken from Iowa Girl Eats and he loved it. This will definitely reappear on our dinner menu
  • We celebrated Chris’s birthday!
  • I made pancakes, you should make them too
  • I made cookies, you should make them as well, and share them with the ones you love

Tell me, dear readers, what are you grateful for this week? How did you celebrate with your Mum?

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today I am stopping to wish a happy birthday to one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for my Thoroughly Nourished Life – my darling Christopher!

Saturday (2)

Sweetheart, you are the reason my sun rises every day and sets in the evening. I couldn’t live a day without hearing that infectious, body-shaking laugh or seeing your smile. When the corners of your mouth lift and your green eyes crinkle delicately at the corners my face can’t help but respond in kind. You are the one I want to run through the cold night with and watch the stars fall down into the ocean at the end of time. I love your quick, curious mind and the way you know a little bit about everything and are hungry to learn more whenever you can.

You make friends easily, put people at ease with your charm and open manner, and I love the way the room lights up when you walk in. I am grateful for your talents with an iron, and that you will try anything I make, even the hippie-dippy-vegetarian-lentil-and-kale stuff. I am grateful that you show me affection whenever you are near and that you whisper into my ear just what I need to hear. I am happy that I get to build this life with you and I’m looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have on this long, winding road of life.

Happy Birthday my love. Here is to many more.

Chris and Amy b and w

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Seventeen

This week was short on work (3 day weeks should be the standard I think) and long on family time, relaxation, and adventures with my darling. Right now we are recovering from travelling back from a birthday party in Roma (Queensland, not Italy) and I have some time to reflect on all the things I have been grateful for this week. I was riding under the big blue skies and grateful for the space out there that gives a mind the room and time to roam. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week Seventeen:

Monday: Today I had a big sleep in and when I was finally conscious a go-slow day was definitely on the cards. I read my book, wrote a few words, did some house chores, and then Chris and I schlepped to the gym together before we had a ‘fend for yourself’ supper and watched ‘River Monsters’ (we have terrible taste in reality TV shows). I was grateful for a day spent at home just nesting and enjoying some time together. I was also very grateful to Chris for downloading ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ starring Rachel Khoo so that I had something to binge watch all evening.

dinner easter monday

Tuesday: Today I am grateful for the feeling of contentment that has settled over me like a warm blanket in the past few weeks. I am in a good place. I have goals and aspirations and ways that I want my life to grow, but here, where I am right now, is a great place to be. I am grateful that I got to try a new workout when my faithful treadmill run was unavailable, and I am extremely grateful to Chris for making my dinner. I love watching him in the kitchen and he is a really good cook too.


Wednesday: I was early in to the office today, and when the clock struck 4:30 I was ready to go home to our little cottage and then out for a walk/run with Chris. I am so grateful that we have a beautiful place to exercise and that we never run out of conversation. We watched the sun set and the moon rise over the calm waters of the marina and then made our way home for a quiet night.

walk in manly

Thursday: Today I am grateful for unexpected and awesome family dinners! My darling sister messaged me inviting Chris and I to dinner. We arrived to the smell of lasagne (gluten free and vegetarian for me!) and apple crumble. So glad I went for a run after dinner (my fastest in a long time!), and so grateful to have a wonderful little sister like mine. Very blessed to be a part of my crazy, co-dependent, chattery bunch. Chris and I went for a drive to our house block after dinner, nothing much has happened so far, but still grateful that we are able to take this step (leap!) together.

Friday: Today we got up before sunrise and gathered with thousands of others in the dawn to commemorate the sacrifice and commitment of our armed forces. Every ANZAC Day, every time I pass the eternal flame in the city, or run past the cenotaph near our home I am reminded of the men and women who sacrificed their lives and those who still serve, and I am grateful. Grateful for their commitment. Grateful for their sacrifice. Grateful for our freedom; the price of which was not free.


Saturday: Today I got up early and went for a run, and another quick one was on the cards. Then Chris and I bundled into the car with some snacks, a smoothie for me, and plenty of episodes of Sawbones (if you are a science/medical history nerd check out this entertaining podcast) to keep us entertained. I am so grateful that Chris and I do well on road trips together. We arrived in Roma in the evening, quickly caught up with some friends, and then headed to the golf club for Chris’s brother’s surprise party. We had a wonderful night catching up with family, and Chris introduced me to his friends from his home town. I am so grateful for the kindness of people and the opportunity to meet the people who made Chris the man he is today.


Sunday: Today was all about the drive back from Roma. Chris and I and our faithful car made the 6 1/2 hour drive back home. I am grateful for cookies, coffee, diet coke, podcasts, and delightful conversation. When I got home Dad washed my car for me while I was eating lunch. I am so grateful to Dad for taking good care of me. Thanks Dad!



I am now curled up in bed, watching Anthony Bourdain and looking forward to baked beans for dinner – it’s the simple things that are the best.

Also this week:

  • We started off the week with some healthy Spicy Thai-Inspired Kale Salad, which I must make again soon
  • Chris took to the kitchen and made me vegetable-filled Fried Rice for dinner
  • A sweet treat appeared on Saturday – perfect for a Mother’s Day gift!

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? Any road trip tips?