Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Seven

Currently I have a crumble pie baking away in the oven, a cup of tea by my side, and some science podcasts playing on my iPhone. In other words, a perfect sleep-in Sunday wake up before I head off to one of my best friend’s homes for a catch up over lunch. Later this afternoon I’m planning to have a long walk along the bay, and perhaps indulge in some sunset photography. Sundays should count. Often they become about busily getting things done before we all head off to work on Monday, but I want to challenge each of us to make Sundays count. Find a ritual that makes Sunday feel important and treasured in your life. Are you Sunday brunch people? Sunday long runners? What makes your Sunday count? Let’s have a Nourished Life every day of the week. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Seven:

valentines dayMonday: Today was full of lots of wonderful things! My Mum and Dad celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary Mum and Dad!) and Chris started in a new position at work! I am so grateful that he has been given this opportunity and grateful that other people are recognising the hard work he puts into his job.

Tuesday: Such a great run tonight! I tried a new route and found a whole row of pretty houses to look at while I ran past. I was grateful for the musical talents of a young lady I ran past who was sitting out on her porch practicing her guitar. There is so much hidden talent in the world. Also today, Yum. Gluten Free Magazine featured my Red Velvet Cake recipe on their Facebook page and I had more people visit the blog than ever before! I am so grateful for all the support I have had since starting this little place on the internet.

Wednesday: Holy tired Amy tonight. When I got home from work I didn’t even have the energy to make it through my ‘just 30 minutes’ of exercise. This was the first day all year that I didn’t get out to exercise! I was on a streak for sure, but sometimes you need to just listen to your body and let it rest. I was grateful to Chris for taking care of me, and putting me to bed, and making sure I got lots of sleep.

Thursday: Tonight Chris and I went for a long walk along the water before dinner and watched the seagulls pick their way through the tidal pools. I am grateful for our walks and the talks we have while we are out there. After our walk I got to work on a cake job I had. I was grateful for a chance to stretch my creative wings in a new way, but I am always reminded by these jobs that I am not cut out for a career as a cake decorator!

evening walkFriday: Today I came home to find that Chris had bought me a huge bunch of gorgeous red roses and some of my favourite chocolates (Lindt 85% oh yeah). I am so grateful for the thoughtful man I have in my life, and the way he makes me feel special every day.

Saturday: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I started my day with my first Valentine: my Mum! We had breakfast and coffee at the markets and enjoyed long chats about everything. I am grateful that I have a Mum who is also one of my closest friends. Today’s topic of conversation: letting yourself believe that you deserve happiness. So many big thoughts to sort through about that. After a sweaty run and row at the gym Chris and I headed off to see ‘The Kingsman’ and eat our body weight in popcorn and m&ms. This is our sort of Valentine’s Day! Tonight we walked along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which is where we ended our first date. I am grateful that Chris and I make Valentine’s Day our own and just let ourselves do our kind of love every day. I am grateful for you sweetheart and the way you make loving easy and extraordinary at the same time.

city 2 14-02-15Sunday: Today I enjoyed an extreme sleep in. I have just wandered into the kitchen and made pie, and we are heading off to see some friends we haven’t caught up with in a while. I am grateful for the chance to see one of my best friends, and my family, and just sit out on the deck on a Sunday and celebrate life.

Also this week:

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

6 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Seven

  1. Making Sunday count– I love that! I’ve recently started taking Sunday off from working out and just enjoying the morning. In the past, I have done a morning workout, but when I come home, I feel like it’s rush rush rush through preparing for the week. It’s a whirlwind sometimes! Resting my body and my mind is helpful in reminding me that the only deadline we have is the one we set for ourselves. If my lunch isn’t packed before I go to bed, I won’t go hungry the next day… I just have to rearrange my schedule a bit.
    Look at you being such a superstar getting featured all over the place! Way to go, friend!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂 Have a great week!

    • Resting mind and body is super important! You need to just listen to your body sometimes and take deep breath and just let it all go. I am a self-deadline-r too and I find it really helpful to have Chris who reminds me that there is no rush to get anywhere, we are right where we need to be!
      Thanks for the encouragement friend 🙂 2015 has been good to me so far! Have a wonderful week 🙂
      PS your Valentine’s Dinner looked awesome. Better than a crowded restaurant for sure!

  2. Lovely pic of Brisbane by night!

    I’m grateful that I have an understanding boss. I’m grateful that I could share my second home (Kingscliff) with a close friend. I’m grateful that the restaurant she and I booked in to for ‘gal-entines day’ still accommodated us after they lost our booking. I’m grateful to meet my friends’ new fur child. I’m grateful for the promise of a new beginning 🙂 Thanks for making me stop and think!

    • A Gal-entines Day dinner can sometimes be one of the best Valentine’s Day plans ever 🙂 And new fur children are definitely something to be grateful for. New beginnings are precious with promise. Have a wonderful week Lauren 🙂

    • My sister got all the cake decorating genes in our family. I will never, ever try to compete! We had a busy week, but there was a lot to be grateful for as always 🙂

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