Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Five

Right now I am sitting in a patch of winter sun after a walk along the bay. It’s a rather nineteenth century notion, but I do believe that ‘taking the air’ when you are sick can be of benefit. Even if just to relieve you of the cabin fever of being relegated to a comfy chair in the living room or curled up in bed under the covers watching re-runs of your favourite cooking shows. So, this morning, a walk it was. It gave me time to bathe in the glorious morning rays and reflect on what I have been grateful for this week. Now, I’m sharing it with you in this Thoroughly Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week Twenty-Five:

Monday: Today I was grateful to finish work, go for a run, and then curl up under the covers with a big bowl of veggies for dinner. Chris and I watched the Game of Thrones season final. I am grateful to Chris for introducing me to this world of fantasy, dragons, and lady knights. I really must get back into reading the books again. I love the escape of the world George R. R. Martin has created.

Tuesday: Today we submitted a big report at work. I was grateful for the help of all the members of our team who helped to put it together so neatly. I was also grateful that we finished by 10.30am! No mad rush at the end of the day made for a good run at the gym and a delicious dinner with Chris.

Wednesday: Today after work I had some baking to do for a local cafe. I got home, made the cake and was resting on my laurels while we were relaxing in front of the television watching football when I realised that I had left the cake in the oven and overcooked it by about an hour! I was grateful for Chris’s grace under pressure when he took care of the clean up after I dropped the cake on the ground in my haste to remove it from its fiery grave. He calmed me down and then I got to work making another cake. Grateful for his calming presence in my life for sure.


Thursday: Today I came home from work exhibiting the delicious symptoms of bronchitis. So attractive. When I stepped through the door though I was greeted by a freshly cleaned house, candles burning and a big cuddle from Chris. I instantly felt better. I am grateful for these moments when I realise that we are both giving 100%.

Immunity smoothie

Friday: Today I didn’t wake up until after I was supposed to have been at work for an hour. Yep. Immune system failure (I do not get ‘sick’). I spent the day ‘taking to the bed’ before Chris and I went to Mum and Dad’s for dinner and a sleepover. I am grateful for parents who are friends as well. We laughed and teased each other, and I may have done a fish impersonation while wearing Dad’s new goggles (he’s going seal diving in New Zealand! So jealous).

Parsley, Chickpea, Avocado, and Greens Salad | Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Saturday: Today Mum, Jess and I went to the farmer’s markets and I stocked up on all the veggies to make me feel better. Big soups are coming. When I got home Chris surprised me with a lunch date at one of my favourite restaurants on the harbour! Then we went and checked on the progress of our townhouse. Nothing much to show yet, but I will share when I have more details. I am grateful that we are able to have our own little place in this world, even if it feels like it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to build.

harbour lunch

Sunday: Today is my Aunty Lone’s birthday! Happy birthday Aunty Lone! I am grateful to have such a strong role model in you. My earliest memories of you include when we used to have sleepovers and I would prance around your house in your long silk nighties sipping from a (plastic) champagne glass and then fall asleep in your big soft bed. Love you.

Mum and Aunty Lone

Now, I am off to an afternoon tea birthday party to celebrate my Aunty (I’m bringing a double batch of these cookies), and to relax before work tomorrow. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Tell me what you’ve been up to this week? What have you been grateful for?

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4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Five

  1. Your family are always so smiley Amy, you all take lovely photos.

    I love the look of that salad you made recently! Big salads are one of my favourite things to eat and I often throw in hearty things to make a big meal of it.

    (that photo of the harbour looks wonderful, your side of town is so pretty)

    • I am lucky to have a great family and very blessed to live on this side of town even if only temporarily. (I’m trying to convince Chris that we should retire here as well…)

  2. We’ve been watching the special features of GoT, now that we have finished Season 3 and waiting (not so patiently) for Season 4. Can’t get enough of Westeros and it’s inhabitants. It’s a great escape on these chilly nights.

    I’m sure your family loved your cookies… Who wouldn’t?

    I’m heading to your part of the world next week, so I’m busy getting organised.

    Have a great week Amy.

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