Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Seventeen

This week was short on work (3 day weeks should be the standard I think) and long on family time, relaxation, and adventures with my darling. Right now we are recovering from travelling back from a birthday party in Roma (Queensland, not Italy) and I have some time to reflect on all the things I have been grateful for this week. I was riding under the big blue skies and grateful for the space out there that gives a mind the room and time to roam. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week Seventeen:

Monday: Today I had a big sleep in and when I was finally conscious a go-slow day was definitely on the cards. I read my book, wrote a few words, did some house chores, and then Chris and I schlepped to the gym together before we had a ‘fend for yourself’ supper and watched ‘River Monsters’ (we have terrible taste in reality TV shows). I was grateful for a day spent at home just nesting and enjoying some time together. I was also very grateful to Chris for downloading ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ starring Rachel Khoo so that I had something to binge watch all evening.

dinner easter monday

Tuesday: Today I am grateful for the feeling of contentment that has settled over me like a warm blanket in the past few weeks. I am in a good place. I have goals and aspirations and ways that I want my life to grow, but here, where I am right now, is a great place to be. I am grateful that I got to try a new workout when my faithful treadmill run was unavailable, and I am extremely grateful to Chris for making my dinner. I love watching him in the kitchen and he is a really good cook too.


Wednesday: I was early in to the office today, and when the clock struck 4:30 I was ready to go home to our little cottage and then out for a walk/run with Chris. I am so grateful that we have a beautiful place to exercise and that we never run out of conversation. We watched the sun set and the moon rise over the calm waters of the marina and then made our way home for a quiet night.

walk in manly

Thursday: Today I am grateful for unexpected and awesome family dinners! My darling sister messaged me inviting Chris and I to dinner. We arrived to the smell of lasagne (gluten free and vegetarian for me!) and apple crumble. So glad I went for a run after dinner (my fastest in a long time!), and so grateful to have a wonderful little sister like mine. Very blessed to be a part of my crazy, co-dependent, chattery bunch. Chris and I went for a drive to our house block after dinner, nothing much has happened so far, but still grateful that we are able to take this step (leap!) together.

Friday: Today we got up before sunrise and gathered with thousands of others in the dawn to commemorate the sacrifice and commitment of our armed forces. Every ANZAC Day, every time I pass the eternal flame in the city, or run past the cenotaph near our home I am reminded of the men and women who sacrificed their lives and those who still serve, and I am grateful. Grateful for their commitment. Grateful for their sacrifice. Grateful for our freedom; the price of which was not free.


Saturday: Today I got up early and went for a run, and another quick one was on the cards. Then Chris and I bundled into the car with some snacks, a smoothie for me, and plenty of episodes of Sawbones (if you are a science/medical history nerd check out this entertaining podcast) to keep us entertained. I am so grateful that Chris and I do well on road trips together. We arrived in Roma in the evening, quickly caught up with some friends, and then headed to the golf club for Chris’s brother’s surprise party. We had a wonderful night catching up with family, and Chris introduced me to his friends from his home town. I am so grateful for the kindness of people and the opportunity to meet the people who made Chris the man he is today.


Sunday: Today was all about the drive back from Roma. Chris and I and our faithful car made the 6 1/2 hour drive back home. I am grateful for cookies, coffee, diet coke, podcasts, and delightful conversation. When I got home Dad washed my car for me while I was eating lunch. I am so grateful to Dad for taking good care of me. Thanks Dad!



I am now curled up in bed, watching Anthony Bourdain and looking forward to baked beans for dinner – it’s the simple things that are the best.

Also this week:

  • We started off the week with some healthy Spicy Thai-Inspired Kale Salad, which I must make again soon
  • Chris took to the kitchen and made me vegetable-filled Fried Rice for dinner
  • A sweet treat appeared on Saturday – perfect for a Mother’s Day gift!

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? Any road trip tips?

5 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Seventeen

  1. Enjoying your blog and recipes. I have a sort of common-law stepdaughter who is a vegetarian & ‘energy healer’. Meal times have not always been easy when she is a guest. 🙂 Your recipes might come in handy. Thanks!

  2. Hi Amy, new reader here (I couldn’t stop staring at those cute sprinkled coconut ice pieces), but more so, I loved your gratitude journal. My sister in law gave me a little gratitude notepad last year and I’ve been mindful to write something down in it everyday. We get so busy with being busy otherwise, it’s nice to stop and ponder and be thankful. M

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