Happy Birthday Chris!

Today I am stopping to wish a happy birthday to one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for my Thoroughly Nourished Life – my darling Christopher!

Saturday (2)

Sweetheart, you are the reason my sun rises every day and sets in the evening. I couldn’t live a day without hearing that infectious, body-shaking laugh or seeing your smile. When the corners of your mouth lift and your green eyes crinkle delicately at the corners my face can’t help but respond in kind. You are the one I want to run through the cold night with and watch the stars fall down into the ocean at the end of time. I love your quick, curious mind and the way you know a little bit about everything and are hungry to learn more whenever you can.

You make friends easily, put people at ease with your charm and open manner, and I love the way the room lights up when you walk in. I am grateful for your talents with an iron, and that you will try anything I make, even the hippie-dippy-vegetarian-lentil-and-kale stuff. I am grateful that you show me affection whenever you are near and that you whisper into my ear just what I need to hear. I am happy that I get to build this life with you and I’m looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have on this long, winding road of life.

Happy Birthday my love. Here is to many more.

Chris and Amy b and w

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chris!

  1. You are the sweetest Amy! And I am so, so glad that you’ve been blessed with a strong but gentle man like Christ in your life. Happy Birthday to Chris and indeed, may you both share many, many more birthdays and other occasions together! xx

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