Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Four

This week has been both bitter and sweet. And that’s partly why this post is coming to you a day late. On Saturday morning Chris’s grandmother, Nanny, passed away. She had lived a long life full of love from her husband, three children, and multiple grand children, but still it’s hard to fathom that someone you knew, and held in a corner of your heart, is no longer here. My gratitude list this week is dedicated to her memory. Although I was only part of your life for a short time Nanny, I am grateful that you took me into your life, into your home, and allowed me to live with Chris in your house. I am grateful you shared with me stories about your life and lessons about love and soul mates. Thank you Nanny, we will miss you.

Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Four:

sleepoverMonday: I love long-weekend Mondays. The exquisite feeling of waking up, realising it’s Monday, and then realising that you don’t have to go to work, cannot be underestimated. Today I was grateful for a long walk, some intense time in the kitchen baking dozens of gluten free cupcakes, and some time relaxing in my favourite sunny spot on the back verandah with a good book.

work in progressTuesday: Today we were all back in the office after a wonderful long weekend break and straight back into the thick of things with lots due out. I was grateful that I could put a smile on everyone’s face with a few batches of cupcakes, and I was grateful that the co-worker I was collaborating with today was super organised and ready to get things done. I appreciate efficiency.

Wednesday: Today I was not in a running mood. Although I love to run, there are days when I know I am just going to make myself cranky if I try to crank out the miles when I don’t feel like it. Instead I picked up my weights and sweated and lifted through a half hour session. Workout: done. Endorphins: achieved. I am grateful that I can celebrate moving my body in different ways and nourish it with different types of exercise.

desk lunchThursday: Tonight after work Chris and I enjoyed some dinner out (sushi train) before we headed to one of our local furniture stores to order some of the things for our house! I cannot wait to share with you what our house looks like when we eventually move in and all the boxes are unpacked. I am grateful that Chris compromised and agreed on the dining room chairs that I have been dreaming about for the last year. Furniture shopping was made easier by the help of a great sales assistant. I was seriously grateful for all of his help.

Friday: Tonight Jess and I had a sleepover! We were working on a baking job together (a baby shower for a little girl). It was so great to spend a whole night chatting to Jess as I piped buttercream roses and she made and decorated dozens of little bird cookies, melting moments, and chocolate caramel slice. I was grateful for the time with my sister to talk about everything and nothing while making pretty things.

buttercream roses 2buttercream rosesSaturday: This morning Jess and I started out with a walk (I seriously needed to burn off some of the buttercream I ‘tested’ last night) and then Chris and I headed out for some more furniture buying and to see Jurassic World. I must have had a seriously sheltered childhood because I don’t remember seeing any of the Jurassic Park movies. I loved this one! I’m going to have to revisit all of them now. I was grateful for a quiet rainy day of shopping for furniture and enjoyed a film with Chris. The house is so close now, and I am so grateful that we are planning and making this exciting next stage of our life together happen. sunday walkSunday: Sunday got off to a very slow start in our house this week. We were both a bit shocked after hearing the news about Chris’s Nanny and we needed the extra snuggles in bed. After that I tiptoed around the kitchen testing a few recipes and reading a book while the rain fell in a soft curtain over the bay. In a blue-skied break in the weather I went out for a walk and returned just as the rain was starting to fall again. I was grateful for a soothing Sunday and the blessing of a rainy afternoon.

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7 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Four

  1. Oh, no. I’m so sorry to hear about Nanny. Sending you and Chris’ family lots of love!

    That cake you and Jess made is gorgeous, Amy! Well done! We have Jurassic Park on our list to see before it leaves theaters– glad to hear some positive feedback!

    I hope you have a great week. Again, keeping you all in our thoughts. This can be a tough time.

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for sending love. She was a special lady who will be missed. But she did live a long life of love and happiness (95 years!).
      You have to see Jurassic Park. So. Good.

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