Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Forty-Four

I can’t believe it’s been a full week since we were on holidays. I’m not finding it hard to be back into normal life though because every part of the holiday was perfect in its own crystalline quality and exists as a beautiful memory of experience and emotion. I can’t wait to share our photos with you in some future posts, but for now there was a lot to be grateful for in our week of returning to normal life. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Forty-Four:wk 44 saladMonday: Today we landed back in Brisbane! I was grateful to Mum and Jess for meeting us at the airport with big hugs and congratulations. When we got home we discovered that Mum had sewed me a beautiful Halloween apron and she and Dad had created cute and spooky Halloween decorations for us! I’m grateful that they were so thoughtful when they heard that we weren’t able to stay for Halloween in the USA.wk44 apronTuesday: Back to work today! I was grateful to catch-up with my workmates and congratulate our two new dads in the office. There is so much to celebrate in life when you remember that the ordinary is always extraordinary.

Wednesday: This afternoon I was grateful for pushing myself just a little and making it to the gym for a run. I’m trying to keep my holiday exercise streak alive and tonight’s 8km run was absolutely perfect. So was the aftermath of lying on the couch watching Ice Road Truckers and nibbling on some Hershey’s Kisses 😉wk 44 treesThursday: I had the most lovely surprise today when my friends at work Jess and Chris brought me back a huge and lovely arrangement of flowers to congratulate Chris and I on our engagement. I am so grateful and touched that they would give us such a lovely gift of well-wishing.wk 44 flowersFriday: Today Jess and I resumed our Friday lunch dates – I missed them while I was away and I was grateful to talk about holidays and weddings and all the good things. After work I went for a sweet and sweaty Friday night run before getting back to my kitchen for a serious baking session! I am so excited for all the wonderful holiday and summer foods coming up – and to create recipes inspired by my holidays to share with you all. wk 44 granolaSaturday: This morning Mum and Jess and I made our return to the farmer’s markets where we feasted on gluten free bagels and coffee and stocked up on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. I was grateful to spend a few hours with my ladies to start the weekend. Fuelled up on bagel I had a fast and brilliant 10km run and spent a few hours in my kitchen. Tonight Chris and I joined the family for some Halloween fun! We got dressed up (I make a very convincing witch apparently) and spent a few hours having spooky fun with kids of all ages with Dad’s exciting Halloween display. I’m so grateful to have a family who really gets into the spirit of celebrations of all kinds. It was so much fun on a Saturday night. wk 44 cupcakesSunday: Today I had a well-deserved sleep in before a short sunny walk and then – brunch! Caroline and I enjoyed a brunch date in the sun at our corner cafe before she had to get back to marking high school home economics assignments (no fun!). I was grateful for a few hours of talking and catching up. This afternoon I have an important date with my couch, and then perhaps a little more work in the kitchen 😉 wk 44 brunch

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Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Two

My second week of 2015 was a complete relaxation indulgence. I was so lucky to have an extra week of holidays and to be able to spend it just nesting inside our house experimenting with food, doing some writing and reading, catching up on blog stuff, going for long walks and runs along the waterfront, and cleaning up the house ready for my step back into the real world on Monday. Nourishing for mind, body, and soul. I just feel so completely whole after this week – a good start to 2015 for sure. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Two:

Cupcakes for chris

Monday: Chris went back to work today. The house was lonely without him. After a workout I went out to pamper myself with some sales shopping. Though it is definitely shallow I had a great time trying on pretty things and buying a few new clothes for work and play. I was grateful for some selfish girly time and that I got to come home and make Chris a delicious dinner after his first day back.

Tuesday: Today I found out that Medibank’s BeMagazine featured another one of my recipes! I am grateful to their social media team for featuring Thoroughly Nourished Life’s recipes. I was also grateful to break out my new Christmas present – my KitchenAid! I whipped up a batch of cupcakes for Chris to take to work. I love my new mixer. I just need to find a perfect name for her (yes, I am an appliance namer. My laptop’s name is Ralph).

medibank featureWednesday: After a lazy morning making a start on my USA history reading list (gotta be prepared for our trip this year!) I went for a run (gotta be prepared for my upcoming race on 1st Feb) and then spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. I was grateful that my soft boiled eggs turned out for the photographs, and for the yummy lunch after I had finished.

eggs and salad

Thursday: I had a deliciously active day with a 30 minute interval workout in the morning and a long walk along the water in the afternoon. I was grateful to break a sweat because I spent the remainder of the day curled up with movies and some writing ideas. When Chris came home from work he brought me beautiful flowers and my favourite chocolate too. I am grateful for this man’s sweet gestures.

flowers from chris

Friday: Today I spent a pleasant walk to start the day and then got to work trialling a new cupcake recipe! I have finally created a fluffy, moist gluten free vanilla cupcake that uses all wholegrain flours! Then I enjoyed my sampler cupcake while I watched Frasier and planned blog stuff. Tonight Chris and I enjoyed a ‘Stay-cation Date’ with our favourite take-away choices (yay, sushi!) and more West Wing. My last day official day of holidays was lazy but I am grateful for the downtime before another busy year of work.

vanilla cupcakes

Saturday: First market trip for the year! Mum, Jess and I had a long catch up and I filled our refrigerator with lots of healthy, yummy seasonal fruits and vegetables. After the markets I went for an 11km run (long training run, yay!) and this afternoon Chris and I took in an afternoon session of ‘The Imitation Game‘. This movie, the man and the truth behind the story, fascinate me. The sad societal truths around the time that lead to the sad ending of Alan Turing’s life makes me so grateful to be able to love who I love, and pursue a relationship without being persecuted.

Sunday: Every weekend I take a walk along the bay on Sunday morning. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful location while we are waiting for our home to be built. I am grateful for the scenery, and for watching the storms roll in and out over the water. A nice, slow, sky-watching end to my holiday.

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Tell me, friends, what are you grateful for this week? Any exciting happenings this weekend?

Sweet Silent Saturday

Happy weekend-ing everyone! I just thought I would share a few of my favourite photos of the cupcakes I have created over the past few months. Let’s get this weekend off to a sweet start!

What is everyone up to on this gorgeous spring weekend?

Mocha cupcakes


Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Pink and purple and butterflies

Guylian chocolates