Books to Read on a Plane, or a Train, or an Automobile

We are doing a bit of travelling at the moment! As you read this we are getting ready to make our way to Philadelphia to meet up with some dear friends. I find travelling to be a great time to really sink my teeth into a new read or an old favourite. I love hanging out in airport bookshops while I’m waiting for a flight. If you are planning a getaway you might want to pick up a new read yourself (my current plane read: The Girl with All the Gifts). Here are some of my top recommendations for books to read on a plane, or in a train, or anywhere you might find yourself in-transit. I’ve divided them into my own whimsical categories, of course.

Tell me a tale: cracking good reads with a hint of magical realism.the wild girl

Fantastical Fantasybook of life

Non-Fiction Fanciesbrain that changes

Airport Favourites walk in the woods

Tell me dear reader what are your favourite books for when you are travelling?

My other dirty secret: when I’m flying is the only time I let myself buy a stack of magazines. My usual picks: Scientific American, Time, Outdoor Magazine, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light. And sometimes, People….

Please share your thoughts

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