Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty-Two

Can you believe that we’ve already lived through the first week of August my friends? This year is passing far too quickly for my liking, but I’m sure that’s what happens when you are busy living life. This week had its ups (getting some finishing touches crossed off our list) and its downs (me having a major stomach bug and not eating for two whole days) but there was plenty to be grateful for. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 Week Thirty-Two.

wk 32 yumMonday: I mentioned in my Gratitude List last week that my Mum and Jess and I had enjoyed high tea at Newstead House but the caterer was rather rude to us. She actually was very forcefully rude about my need for a gluten free high tea and told me that ‘people like you shouldn’t be at high tea’. My sister went to bat for me and took the lady to task, both privately and in the media as the caterer had advertised the availability of a gluten free high tea and more than happily took my money. I am grateful that I have a sister who will stand up for me and unashamedly make a fuss when she feels that someone has been treated unfairly. She is my hero and I am grateful for her.

Tuesday: Today I was not feeling well at all when I went to work. I thought I could shake it off, but I made it through a grand total of 45 minutes at my desk before fleeing home and wrapping myself in blankets and monotonous daytime television for the remainder of the day. I am grateful for Chris taking care of me and making sure that I didn’t do anything but sleep and try to drink some water between bouts of being sick.wk 32 readingWednesday: No way on earth was I moving from my bed today and I was grateful to just lie back and let my body heal itself. I was also very grateful for all the lovely messages from my family and my online friends telling me to get better. Thanks lovelies!

Thursday: Lazarus has risen! Today I was back on board at work and back in the real world. Today I was grateful to get out for a little drive at lunchtime and have a big chat to my work friend Jess – I missed her while I was at home watching re-runs of Ellen.wk 32 treatsFriday: Tonight after work Chris and I headed to my Mum and Dad’s to have a visit (and also steal some internet…) and to give Molly lots of snuggles! I was grateful to catch up with Mum and Dad after a busy week and to eat Mum out of peanut m&ms. Hey! I was recovering…

Saturday: This morning started off slowly with a run and then Chris and I had Dad’s help putting up our curtains, a mirror, and doing some other finishing touches to the house. I am so grateful that my Dad was happy to help us and that our house is looking more and more like our home every day. After our house work Chris and I headed out for a lunch and movie date. We saw Fantastic 4. Verdict: B+. It tried hard and had all the ‘action points’ covered but there wasn’t much character development. I was still grateful to get out of the house and enjoy a date with my darling. In the early evening I went for a leg stretching (and popcorn burning) walk around our neighbourhood and watched a gorgeous sunset as the lights came twinkling on all around me.wk 32 walkSunday: Sundays always start with sweat and I enjoyed my slow run this morning before Chris and I went for morning tea and car washing at Mum and Dad’s place. I really enjoy washing my car and taking care of it so I was grateful that Dad and I could tool around with the car and enjoy some morning tea with the whole family. In the afternoon we had a visit to our new house from Chris’s Mum and Dad and we enjoyed afternoon tea with them while showing them around our new home.wk 32 soup

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7 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty-Two

  1. The nerve of that lady! I really dislike unnecessary rudeness from staff anywhere. I often wonder why they work in hospitality or retail (and I’ve worked in both when I was at school/uni), if they can’t deal with customers. Not to mention gluten free cakes and baked goods are becoming really common now and catered for by so many places.

    I was around 10kg bigger a few years back, so a size 14 or so (IMO not an unreasonably large size, not that it matters at all) and was once asked by a woman behind the counter at a café if I really needed a piece of cake after I ordered it and that it was really high in fat etc etc. I was momentarily speechless at how obnoxious she was, then said hey, I’ll just go somewhere else and buy cake, which I did 😀

    Glad you got over your bug too!

    • I can’t believe someone would say that to you! No matter what size (14 seems average to me, not that it’s anyone else’s business!), or your dietary needs you are you can have your cake and eat it too!

  2. It’s hard to believe the someone would actually tell you you don’t have the right to enjoy high tea (which is what she was saying in not so many words). What rock has she been living under? I’m staggered.

    So glad you’re back to baking after your tummy bug.

    • I know, right? Well, next time we will go where my tummy and my money are welcome – and they have gluten free scones!
      I couldn’t wait to get back into the kitchen as soon as I was back on my feet 🙂

  3. Last weekend was a bit crazy, so I’m playing catch up from your week starting with LAST week’s gratitude list! I totally forgot you were feeling so crappy, but I am so glad you’re feeling better now! Sick is no good, especially when you have to make and photograph food for your dedicated audience!! How terrible!!
    Peanut m&m’s are one of my favorite things ever, but I don’t eat them often, because if I am able to… I will unleash on far too many and wind up eating like 500 calories worth. Whoopsies. They’re just SO GOOD! But yay to Mum for having a stash for you to steal 😉

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