Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty-One

The first week in our own home felt like finally coming home. Coming downstairs in the morning and realising that we own this little patch of the earth is still a little surreal, but as the boxes slowly disappear and the bookcases are stacked with volumes I fall more in love with our little house everyday. I am grateful for this place, and so much more in my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty-One:wkMonday: Today I had to go home early so that the builders could finish some painting and plastering re-work, and I had the unexpected delight of Mum coming over for a quick lunch. I was grateful to see her and to be close enough now that our family can come over for an unplanned visit.

Tuesday: I am so glad to have our own dining room table again! For the past week Chris and I have really been enjoying sitting at our table for dinner while watching something on TV and just chatting about how our day has been. The ritual of gathering at the table is very important to me and I am grateful to have this everyday ritual back in our lives.wk 31 bookWednesday: Tonight after work I headed off to the gym for a hard workout. 5km of intervals and a challenging full body weights circuit. It felt so good to challenge my body like that! I am so grateful to my body for stepping up to the challenge and letting me have some fun with my workout.

Thursday: Tonight Chris and I headed back to IKEA (one more time….) to pick up another bookcase (I’m thinking of opening a library branch from our living room) and some other house things that we forgot about. I also spent some of the night trying to untangle our electricity and gas providers issues. I was grateful for some really helpful people on the phone who sorted out our issues with not too much trouble.

Friday: Today my work friend Jess and I headed back to my house for lunch! We had a great time nibbling on some crustless quiche and talking before heading back to work. I am grateful to be close enough to work that we can have our Friday lunches at home sometimes. Tonight I headed to the gym before Mum and Dad came over for dinner. They were our first dinner guests! I am so grateful for all the help Mum and Dad have given us and all the thoughtful things they do just because. They have taught my sister and I so much about just being good people and I am grateful for those lessons. I made them prosciutto wrapped chicken, mashed potatoes (well, Chris made those because he is the expert), and broccolini followed by mixed berry crumble for dessert. It was such a wonderful night.wk 31 berriesSaturday: I started my morning with breakfast at the farmers market with Mum. The coffee was hot, the breakfast was sweet, and one our favourite performers was on the stage singing away. It was a great way to start the weekend. In the afternoon Caroline came to visit us and we had a great time showing her the house before Chris headed off to spend some time with friends. I went for an evening run and then made brownies (coming soon…) I was grateful for some time alone in the house just feeling myself settle in and the house welcoming our lives to its walls.wk 31 tulipsSunday: Today I slept in. Oh glorious sleep. When I woke up I enjoyed a long walk around our neighbourhood – so many new places to discover! And then I did some photography in our house, which I am grateful to say has fantastic light! In the afternoon Mum, Jess and I headed to Newstead House for high tea on the verandah overlooking the river. The historic house was the perfect spot to wile away the afternoon hours and enjoy some tea and sweet treats. Although the proprietress was rather rude about my dietary needs, the staff was lovely and the venue was absolutely perfect. I was grateful for a chance to dress up and play ladies with my Mum and Jess. wk 31 newstead house

Also this week:

Tell me dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?



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