Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty

We are officially moved in! Thanks to the hard work of family and some friends all our furniture, a library of books, our kitchen, and plethora of technological bits and pieces are now in our very own home.

Our very own home. I kept saying those words over and over again yesterday. I feel like I have to pinch myself to see if I’m in a dream. If I am, I don’t want to wake up.

This week, instead of going day by day through my Gratitude List, I want to share with you a list of things that I was grateful for in our new on the table


  • First of all I am so grateful to our family and friends for helping us to move in on Saturday. Chris’s Dad came down from Toowoomba to help us, my Mum and Dad were absolute packing/dismantling/unpacking/reassembling rock stars, my sister came to help (she is small but mighty), and two of Chris’s oldest friends came to help with all the heavy lifting and loading. I am so grateful for all of them giving up part of their weekend to help us.
  • I am grateful that I get to share a home with my soulmate and best friend and every day is like a party when the two of us are together. Hard times there may be, but happiness and laughter, affection and love abound too. I am grateful for Chris and that we are having this grand adventure called life, together.
  • I am grateful that we are closer to my family again. I loved living in our house by the bay, but our new home is only twenty minutes from my parents and my sister and her husband, which makes me incredibly happy.
  • I am grateful that we live in such a diverse part of Brisbane! Our new area has so many interesting food spots, parks, and entertainment options to explore. Last night we stumbled across some cute little Korean cafes, an interesting Korean barbecue spot, and a Korean supermarket about a kilometer from our house! So many tasty adventures to be had!
  • I am grateful for this place. This place that is ours. Just Chris and me. Our safe spot, our own castle. Our home.

The last two mornings I have woken up in our new bedroom feeling like someone has just given me the most awesome Christmas present ever. My gratitude for this place runs all the way to the roots of my soul.

Dorothy said it best: there’s no place like home.


12 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Thirty

  1. HOW WONDERFUL! Congrats, friends! So excited for you! Sounds like you have a ton of exploring to do. I loved getting to know our little town, and sometimes I miss that stage of life, but then I remember that we KNOW this town so well and THAT is so exciting to us. Here’s to many happy years in the Chatbert home 😉

    • Chatbert! I love it!
      We are so excited to get to know our new area, and we love the idea of becoming ‘locals’ again. I love it when someone says ‘just the usual Amy?’ – now I have to become a local all over again!

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