Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Eight

This weekend was full of house excitement and cupcake baking experiments. I spent most of yesterday in my lab coat apron conducting experiments baking batches and batches of cupcakes while the wind howled outside. So I am taking a few minutes early on Monday morning to reflect on the past week and all there was to be grateful for. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Eight.wk 28 orchidsMonday: I usually practice the mantra ‘never skip a Monday’ at the gym, but tonight I just needed to rest after last weekend’s 12km run and 10km walk. I relished just lying in bed after work and scrolling through Instagram and I was grateful to just take a few moments for myself.

Tuesday: Tonight I stopped at the gym on the way home from work. I was grateful for a silly thing really: the inbuilt solitaire game on the treadmill. It seems such a small thing, but tonight I needed something to occupy my mind as I made it through my 8km run.wk 28 bookWednesday: Chris and I are not ‘sport people’. But every year we watch the three games that make up the State of Origin and pretend to be football people. Tonight we had so much fun camped in front of the TV watching the game and eating mashed potato for dinner and cheering on our state team! And then we won! I was grateful for a night in our little cosy house watching a great game and cheering alongside Chris.

Thursday: Tonight I made it home from work before the sunset, which means the days are slowly, slowly getting longer again! I celebrated with a long walk along the waterfront while the sun set. I have been grateful for my time by the bay, and I was grateful for this way to wind down on a Thursday night.wk 28 sunset runFriday: Today I received a lovely surprise in the mail – printed copies of the Medibank Warm-Up recipe book I contributed to! It was such a delight to see my name in print, and to see my recipes professionally styled and photographed. I was grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate on this book, and to see my name on the printed page!wk 28 breakfastSaturday: Today was great from start to finish. I got up early and smashed out an 11km run before Chris and I joined Mum and Dad to inspect our house! This is the first time we have actually seen inside, and I was grateful for the chance to acquaint ourselves with our new home, and to notice some of the little things that will really make it ours. Afterwards we debriefed at the café that is just down the road from my house! I have always hoped to have a little corner spot, and this one serves great food (including lots of gluten free options) and beautiful coffee. I am so grateful that this dream of our own home is coming true. Chris and I speedily purchased some other furniture (we are get in, get it done, and get out people) and even survived a trip to IKEA (#relationshipstatusachieved). We wound down the evening with a Liam Neeson flick and far too much chocolate.Chris and Amy houseSunday: Today my walk was windy and cold! I was grateful to pause for a moment and stare out across the water and have a chat to Mum on the phone. Sometimes you need a heart to heart with your mum, and I am grateful I have mine just a phone call away. The rest of the day was spent experimenting with new gluten free cupcake recipes and then Chris and I curled up to watch Frozen Planet. Have you seen this documentary? Outstanding. I was grateful for a slow end to the day.

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13 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Eight

  1. Sounds like a lovely week Amy. Congrats on the book collaboration, that’s so awesome!
    Why doesn’t my gym have solitaire on the treadmill!! Might make me go more 🙂
    Oh well, I managed spin today – just!

    • Thanks Nicky, it was a lovely week! I was so psyched when I saw games on the treadmill just in case I need them for ‘those days’. I miss spin class so much! My gym doesn’t offer classes!

  2. I love focusing on things I’m grateful for – I think it helps us notice and appreciate the little things in life. What a fun post to read! Congratulations on your home purchase and best of luck with the move. It must be such an exciting time in your life!

    • Focusing on gratitude has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself 🙂 and it does help me notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. Thank you for visiting Julia!

  3. Amy, I agree– Mondays should have some kind of movement, even if it’s a slow half hour of yoga to wake me up. But sometimes… You just need to skip it, haha. Good for you resting your body! How cool about the magazine and of course your HOUSE! I am pretty proud of you and Chris for getting in and out of IKEA with your relationship intact. You never know what you’re going to get (physically or internally) when you enter that amazing/awful store 😉

    Umm, side note– are those poached eggs? I have a date with my stove top and a pot of water in the next week or so to teach myself how to poach an egg. I’ve read about 8 billion techniques. What’s yours (if that, in fact, IS a poached egg, haha).

    • IKEA can be the make or break moment for sure! We have even survived constructing IKEA furniture together. That’s how I knew he was the one 😉
      And oh yes they are poached eggs. I LOVE THEM! I didn’t poach these ones myself, but when I do I always make sure the water is boiling and I add a little vinegar too it (helps to cook the protein in the whites). Then I put the egg in a cup, make a little whirlpool in the water and slide the egg right in. Oh and always make sure you use really fresh eggs because the white will be ‘tighter’. Hope that helps. Good luck eggs-perimenting…. (oh I am so lame…)

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