Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Three

I just need to talk about last week for a moment before I reflect on last week, okay?

Sunday was one of those perfectly awesome days. I spent the afternoon on a great date with one of my favourite men: my Dad! He picked me up and took me out for coffee (and surprised me with a delicious gluten free brownie) and then we laughed and giggled and maybe snorted (okay, yes we snorted) along to ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’. Afterwards we tried out a new (to us) Mexican restaurant. It was the perfect Sunday adventure and father-daughter date. Such an afternoon to be grateful for, thanks Dad!

Now, let’s look reflect on my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Three:

IMG_8182Monday: Today was my sweet best friend Casey’s birthday. From the first lunch we shared at university, to all these years later, I am grateful that she stepped into my life in a whirl of bright smiles, long talks, and always fabulous shoes. I’m grateful for you everyday Casey T.

Tuesday: Tonight I was exhausted, and when I walked through the front door Chris handed me my pyjamas and then bundled me into the car to pick up sushi for dinner. He then proceeded to tuck me into bed to read my book. I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do anything else, just rest. I am grateful for this man.

wk 23 yum magWednesday: Today my copy of Lynn’s new cookbook arrived on my doorstep! This was a bright spot in a rather dark and long day, and I am grateful to have such a talented friend and that the interwebs brought us together in baking/blogging friendship! I cannot wait to make these again, and try out all the new recipes too!

Thursday: Today was my Mama’s birthday! I am grateful for this woman every single day, and more and more as the years go by I find my heart filled with gratitude for all the love, sacrifice, and happiness that she has gifted to the world, and especially to our family. Mama, you are my best friend, and I cannot wait to see what adventures this year brings you!

IMG_8192Friday: Tonight on the way home from work I stopped in at the gym to clear the cobwebs from the week and ended up surprising myself by running 10.5km. I am constantly filled with gratitude at what my body can do when I trust it, challenge it, rest it, and truly nourish it.

wk 23 cookieSaturday: This morning started with a trip to the farmer’s markets with Mum and Jess and some much needed warm coffee and important talk. Then I joined Chris and Dad and we spent a pleasant morning looking for some of the furniture for our house! I cannot believe we move in next month! I was grateful for a morning with two of my favourites, we had a great time. Then Dad and I spent a few hours washing, polishing, and taking care of my car before Chris and I enjoyed a relaxing evening at home. I was grateful for a day filled with special time with all of my people.

wk 23 smoothieSunday: The day dawned grey and striking over the bay and I joined my friend Jenny and her pup Ellie for a walk to welcome in the Sunday light. I was grateful to catch up with Jenny and get my heart started. I spent the day relaxing in the sunniest spot in our house in the company of a book. I was grateful for a lazy day to warm my bones, my heart, and just truly relax. Tonight Chris and I went on a triple date with Mum and Dad and Jess and Trent for Italian and to see ‘Spy’ (highly recommended movie). I was grateful to finish the week on such a high note. Now, off to bed in my new PJs.

Also this week:

What are you most grateful for this week friends?

5 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Three

  1. Hi Amy, seems like you have such a wonderful family, so nice to have a daughter-father day. Something to cherish forever. Happy belate bday to your mom. Have a great week.

  2. I am SO glad my book arrived before the end of 2015! I was concerned it was going to take forever, so yay for that! By the way– I totally love Chris. Any man who knows you well enough to not allow you to do something that will make your situation worse, is a good man. Here’s to Chris! And Casey! And Mum! AND DAD! So many people to celebrate this week!

    • So many celebrations! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many caring and wonderful people – and talented people whose books arrived!

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