Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Two

Don’t you think we’ve lost the spirit of innocent play in this adult world? Sometimes I feel like innocent fun has become a lost state, looked down upon, or worse, seen as twee or hipster: an ironic pursuit rather than a pure expression of lightness of spirit. After this week and the lessons it brought, I am calling for an innocent fun revolution. Bring back the giggles, the giddiness, the spirit of pure merriment. We could all do with a little more skipping, hopscotch, knock-knock jokes, nonsense songs (I’ve got a killer one about pineapples), and sparkly unicorn jumpers, now couldn’t we? Let’s start some #innocentfun action. Tell me, how do you find yours?

wk 22 rollercoasterNow, here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Two:

Monday: Today I was grateful that Chris doesn’t mind if I go to the gym after work even when I have to work late. I finished work and just needed to go for a run to get rid of some stress, and he encouraged me to go out and get those endorphins. Grateful for this man.

Tuesday: I was a machine today at work, not to toot my own horn or anything. We had some reports due out today and I was grateful I could just put my nose to the grindstone and get them done. I was only a little late leaving the office tonight and so grateful to get the reports packaged up and shipped out on time!

wk 22 sunsetWednesday: Tonight when I got home from the gym Chris made me dinner and I was grateful to curl up on the couch with a bowl of his famous mashed potatoes (my love language, as you know) topped with a runny egg and watch The State of Origin (non-Aussies, this is an annual three-game football tournament between two states and is generally the cause of much excitement and division in offices everywhere).

Thursday: Double date night tonight! Chris and I met Jess and Trent after work for some delicious #nationalburgerday celebration (mushroom burger….mmmm…) and then we split up into boys and girls and went to see Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2 respectively. I was grateful to enjoy a weeknight treat dinner and some great laughs over the hilarious antics of the Bardon Bellas with Jess. What a great night.

wk 22 burgerFriday: Today Chris and I had a day off! There is something extra special about taking a Friday off for no real reason at all, and we spent our day off down the coast with Jess and Trent riding the rollercoasters and having some great innocent fun. We shrieked over the Superman Ride and ‘weeeeeee’-ed over the Scooby-Doo Rollercoaster. I was grateful for a day filled with laughs, adrenaline, and switching off from the world and just living in the fun of the moment. I think the world needs more days like this where you can just leave your concern for criticism and analysis at the door and just laugh and soak up the fun.

wk 22 movieworldSaturday: Today I started my day having breakfast and long talks with Mum. I was grateful to catch up with her about some things that have been happening during the week. Mums always have the best advice (and Dad’s too) and extra time with Mum is always great. This afternoon I went for a big walk by the water and then got into some serious recipe developing and testing. Sweet results forthcoming on the blog.

Sunday: Today has been a great go slow morning. Chris and I slept in and then I went for a long beautiful walk along the water. The sky is the same colour as the ocean this morning and the breeze was sweet. I am just about to get ready to go out on a movie date with my Dad! We are seeing ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’ and then we are going out to an early dinner! I’m grateful for a sweet end to a beautiful week.

wk 22 cupcakeAlso this week:

  • I made the perfect gluten free pre/post run snack – in miniature!
  • I found lots of interesting things around the internet this week and shared them with you!

6 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twenty-Two

  1. Nice to see you having such a great week. Took a page out of your book and went for a drive today on roads not been on before leaving here at 10am after a sleep in heading the back roads via toowoomba to Killarney, Dagg Falls, Queen Mary Falls and a back road via Boonah back to home. What a great day with beautiful scenery.

  2. Are those cupcakes coconut and raspberry?! Oh my, they look beautiful and SO YUMMY!! I am really excited for your project to be released to the public…
    It sounds like you had such a fun week! We like to throw away the responsibilities every once in awhile too. On Memorial Day, we went to see Mad Max and then took an impromptu trip into town to try a new pizza place we had yet to go to (PS they specialize in GF pizza– we may have to go when you visit!), indulged in a bit of deliciousness, and then on the spot decided to indulge again in some gelato (whoopsies). It’s a good thing we had both gone to the gym that morning, because sometimes, you just need to forget the rigidity of the week, eating perfectly, and having adult responsibilities. It was fun to walk through the streets of our town, listening to a rooftop band you could hear through the entire city, and trying to catch drips off of our cones in the hot sun while stealing licks of each other’s flavors. PERFECTION. I am so glad you had such a fun week too! Hoping this week is off to a great start as well, my friend!

    • Winner winner! They are coconut and raspberry and I’m so excited about announcing my project 😉
      Oh I like that pizza plan indeed! Sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day! Sometimes you do need to just forget the ‘should dos’ and the ‘need tos’ and just live in the moment, and have fun. I’m glad you and Matt got some of that care free time 🙂

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