Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Fifteen

The universe has brought me lots of inspiration for introspection this week. I have found some brain-stimulating, soul-feeding points to start doing some work on some areas of my life that need a little work (dealing with anxiety and stress management is a major focus at the moment). The universe has also brought me long walks, heart-thumping runs, leftover Cadbury mini eggs (they are the devil I tell you), and so many chickpea and rocket salads. It’s been a good week. A Thoroughly Nourished One, if you will, and here it is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Fifteen:

smoothieTuesday: Today I am grateful for all the people who are striving to make other people happy. For the writers and bloggers who write about happiness, for the scientists and academics who research happiness, and for the people in the trenches who are sacrificing, intuiting, creating, and working for other people’s, and their own, happiness. I am grateful to learn from them because happiness doesn’t always come easily to me, and it is something I need to work on and I do desperately want to create a practice of in my life. Being conscious of making yourself happy, and working towards it doesn’t lessen the happiness, and doing the work makes it easy to foster in your life long term. I am grateful for those people who inspire me to create happiness in my life and the lives of those around me.

donna hayWednesday: Today I am grateful that Chris and I nearly have a mortgage. A large financial obligation to each other and to a bank might not sound like something to be grateful for, but I am grateful that we have the opportunity to have our own house, to borrow a little piece of earth just for ourselves: to live in, to love in, to offer as shelter and warmth to those we love. I am reminding myself to enjoy every moment we have in our current cottage by the bay, but I will be grateful for the day that the bank hands us our keys and our debt and sets us free into our next adventure together.

granolaThursday: Today I was grateful that I made an effort for myself. I got up a little earlier before work to fit in some strength training, and then after work I took a walk as the sun settled down for the night. I got home and I was grateful that I made the effort to do what I had promised I would do for myself.

pumpkinsFriday: Tonight I am grateful for Chris getting me dinner while I was busy working on a baking job. I just needed to get thirty things done at once and he took the time to take care of me while I was busy taking care of business. He reminded me to stop, relax for a moment, let the anxiety go, and just take care of myself. I am grateful for his gentle reminders to just enjoy the moment we are living in.

Saturday: Today was a day of pure relaxation. I started the morning with a visit to the markets with Mum and Jess (and some of these muffins baked as a loaf) and stocked up our fridge with autumn’s bounty. After the markets I went for an awesome run, and Chris and I picked up one of my birthday presents (a tripod for my camera!) and had the most glorious three hour nap. I am so sorry to my friends who have kids or have to work on weekends, but I was grateful for that three hour indulgence snuggled up in bed with Chris for an afternoon. Tonight we binged on House of Cards – if you haven’t watched this show yet: you need to get on it!

saladSunday: This morning autumn crispness filled the air while I strode up and down the hills and along the harbour. I was grateful to take the time out to start my day. Then I headed over to visit my Mum and Dad and wash my car. Dad and I had a wonderful few hours just chatting away and working on making my baby shiny again. I am always so grateful for his help, and Mum has been so hard at work on a new quilt for me. I was grateful for an afternoon of baking and just getting ready for the week ahead.

Also this week:

3 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Fifteen

  1. It is so so important to have someone in your life who reminds you just to slow down and take care of yourself. Matt does that for me CONSTANTLY, and I’m glad that you have Chris to do that for you. He sounds like a keeper!
    You totally made me laugh about your 3 hour nap (#sorrynotsorry friends with kids and responsibilities). Sometimes, it’s just what you need!!
    I cannot get over the beauty that is that salad. I am a sucker for food that have all the colors, and that one is gorgeous!
    I know you have a busy week ahead– I hope you find some time for yourself! xoxo

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