Thoroughly Nourished Finds – Reads for the Weekend

Autumn leaves

  • If you only read one article from this list, please make it this one. Providing bad information and misleading people with sensationalist claims is never okay, and when they are facing life-threatening illness it is inexcusable. I respect everyone’s choice in their journey, but please be smart and safe, and listen to real science.
  • South Korea is the world’ capital of plastic surgery. The New Yorker took a closer look at going under the knife in the homeland of Psy.
  • ThankList sounds like an amazing way to show gratitude, and increase civility. I’m going to start thinking about my own ThankList, beyond the circle of amazing people I get to talk to everyday.
  • Is it wrong that I am super interested in prisons? Also, my biggest fear is going to prison. Must’ve been a convict in a former life. This look inside America’s toughest federal prison is a sad, but very interesting read. Lesson: the first step should always be true justice.
  • This story about Norway’s Halden Prison stands in stark contrast to the above story.
  • Make ravioli – it’s on my list, and it just got easier with this gorgeous recipe and video from Snixy Kitchen and Bojon Gourmet
  • You know I love chocolate chip cookies, now Cate has taken them to a whole new level. Say yes to salty-sweet!
  • Faring Well takes the most beautiful photographs, and writes from the heart. I love this latest pasta recipe and reflection on her last six months.
  • I’m really good at stress. Like A+ good. I’m hoping that incorporating these stress-relieving yoga poses from The Greatist into my bed time ritual will bring me some peace.
  • A new favourite podcast! These bite-size lessons in how to be Happier from Gretchen Rubin have me pondering my own life and the fostering of happiness. Perfect for listening to and reflecting on during my commute.

Have a wonderful weekend all! I hope it is filled with discussion, gratitude, and a chocolate chip cookie or three!

6 thoughts on “Thoroughly Nourished Finds – Reads for the Weekend

  1. Amen on that first link, I had read that article as well. And that chestnut pasta!! Woo hoo! I have been avoiding making pasta as it makes the Yak pretty sad and have been pondering trying to do a gf pasta for homemade ravioli. That looks the business! Thanks. ☺️

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