Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Fourteen

The Easter long weekend is one of my favourites with four beautiful days to fill with family time, long walks, and extra snuggles. This year we are enjoying an endless summer; I can’t remember April being this warm for years. These unexpectedly hot days are sure to come to an end but I am enjoying them while they last. Here it is, the Easter long weekend Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Fourteen:

rosesMonday: I’m going to miss afternoon runs bathed in sunset light when the days shorten for winter, but I am grateful for all the runs I have enjoyed this summer. Even though I am excited about our new home, and the exciting opportunities that it presents, I will miss our proximity to the water. Got to be grateful for these months by the water while they last!

Tuesday: There are days when you can run, and run, and run until you are breathless. Days when you can just keep going without concern for your body and mental health. Then there are days when you just need to slow down and really breathe in all that is going on around you and all that you have to be grateful for in your life. I am grateful for some time for reflection in the middle of my week. It makes finding the road ahead, and seeing the path you have already tread, so much easier.

Wednesday: The days when we have our quarterly reports due out are always a little bit more stressful than I would like, so I was grateful that today went so smoothly, and so grateful for my wonderful team ensuring that everything was ready and out the door on time so that we could all relax before our long weekend. And that’s my little cubicle-life fairy tale for the week.

brownie bites

Thursday: The last day of work before a long weekend makes me feel like a little kid awaiting that final bell before school holidays start. I was grateful to play Easter Bunny today with some eggs that my boss had generously bought for us all to enjoy. I was also grateful to enjoy a lunch treat with my friend Jess. What a great start to the long weekend.

Friday: Today Chris and I drove up to Toowoomba to visit with his parents. I really enjoy driving with Chris, we have time with no distractions to just talk about anything and everything. Ruth and Jim took us out for a delightful lunch at the lookout. The mountains were covered in mist and it was a magical view from our table. I was grateful for the time with Ruth and Jim and for a wonderful lunch.

misty mountainsSaturday: This morning I enjoyed a trip to the markets for breakfast with Mum, Jess – and Casey! We talked and ate our way around the markets and I was grateful for the time with my favourite ladies. The rest of the day was devoted to running, Easter baking, and watching more ‘House of Cards’. I cannot get enough! I was grateful to have a quiet night of baking treats and staring at the beautiful roses I found at the markets this morning.


Sunday: Happy Easter Sunday! This morning I went for a lovely walk by the water and then Chris and I joined my family to celebrate Easter Sunday with a family morning tea. There were treats galore and plenty of laughter too. I was grateful for some fun with my family, and to indulge in some delicious Easter treats (and so.much.cheese). Chris and I indulged in a long afternoon nap when we got home. I am always grateful for a Sunday afternoon nap – there’s just something so indulgent about sleeping while the sun is still up and knowing that you can leave your responsibilities behind for a few hours.

Monday: Today I greeted the day with a 12km walk along the harbour – and I got the great news that Yum. Gluten Free Magazine released their April edition today featuring three recipes from Thoroughly Nourished Life – I am so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Yum. team again.

yum gluten free

Also this week:

  • I am getting off to a healthy start with this week by making another Butternut Pumpkin and Zucchini Crustless Quiche – lunches solved for three days at least!
  • Last minute Easter treats were no problem with these intense little sweets – and they’ll be perfect for anytime you need a bite-sized indulgence.
  • Today the April issue of Yum. Gluten Free Magazine is available for download (or read it for free online), and it features three Thoroughly Nourished Life recipes – including one completely new recipe!

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