Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twelve

Dear universe, I could use more Sundays like this, more weeks like this. Tonight the rain is falling over the bay once again, and this morning it felt like autumn was finally finding its gentle way towards us bringing with it more hours for reflection, relaxation, and a softening of our bright and brash summer world. I walked for hours today in the rain and loved every moment of it. Then retreated to my kitchen to test some recipes to feed us all very well over the next few weeks. Today was the perfect day to reflect on all I have been grateful for over the past week. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twelve.

sunday morning

Monday: Tonight Chris and I got to work taming the wild garden that surrounds the house we live in at the moment. We have discovered that we are very good at growing things (we must have the verdant vibe) but we are not so good at keeping everything tame. I am grateful to work alongside Chris and grateful that we work so well together. When a job needs to be done, we are both willing to buckle down and do it, and I am grateful that he is by my side.

Tuesday: I was up early for a run this morning and I am really enjoying the extra energy, and sense of accomplishment early in the day, that this small step in a few mornings in the week is giving me. Rather than having to stress about making it to the gym after work, I know I can come straight home and enjoy the evening with Chris. I am grateful that I make this time in the morning for myself.

chickpea saladWednesday: Today I came home and Chris and I got stuck in on the garden again. While I was picking up leaves and dragging branches I got a phone call from my sweet Casey and I was grateful to connect with her in the middle of a busy week. No matter how hectic our lives get (especially hers) we find time to talk or connect, and those moments are so precious to me.

Thursday: I love listening to podcasts on my drive to and from work, and my friend Matt has created an inspirational project that inspires me every week. The episode I was listening to on the way home tonight featured Bob Cirino, a young entrepreneur. He had a lot of wonderful things to say, but one thing that really stood out was his thoughts about love as an ecological thing, not an economical thing. That is, the more love you give, the more you have. Your love does not diminish, but grows. I am grateful for unexpected lessons, and reminders to give my love even more freely.

love isFriday: This afternoon I had the opportunity to visit a close friend and get my hair done at the same time. I was grateful to catch up with my ‘second mum’ and talk about life and leave looking just a little less wild woman, and a little more like Amy. Tonight Chris and I binge watched ‘House of Cards’, which is my new obsession – oh I just love Robin Wright in her role as Claire Underwood.

Saturday: This morning I met Mum and Jess at the markets for breakfast and I bought the most delicious red grapes (there are now none left) and then spent some time this morning talking to some special friends across the world – grateful for Skype! After a run, and some rainy afternoon baking, I crossed town for a farewell party for my sweet friend Megan. Chris couldn’t come as he had a previous engagement, and I was grateful to know that I can still be charming and make conversation in a room full of strangers!

cookies 21-03Sunday: I had the best sleep in today. In fact, all of Sunday has just been wonderful. After a sleep in, I went for a big walk in the rain and then warmed myself by spending the afternoon in the kitchen working on some new recipes to share with all of you. I was grateful for a slow, snuggly day. The rain has pulled a cloak over the world tonight, and we are warm and safe inside. I am grateful for my life. For its small pleasures, quiet moments, and slow Sundays.

sunday walkAlso this week:

  • I made us a ‘welcome to Autumn’ salad with some our favourite simple things.
  • Tofu isn’t very common on our menu, but this stir-fry is a new favourite and sure to be on high rotation for quick midweek meals.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Twelve

  1. Sounds like you had a really great week, Amy! Working out before work has been one of the best habits I’ve ever developed. It makes the afternoons much more relaxing, and if I happen feel snoozy while perusing blogs, reading cookbooks, and lounging after the work day is done, I don’t feel as bad about it, hahaha. I’m so jealous you have a garden! That is one of the things we are looking forward to most when we have our own property someday. And… We, too, are so thankful for Skype 😉

    I hope you have the most wonderful birthday week, friend!!

    • I did have a great week 🙂 I must admit this week has been more about the morning snuggle and afternoon workout though 🙂 I do love our garden at the moment, but I’m looking forward to something a bit more manageable (Chris is definitely NOT a gardener) when we move into our townhouse this year). I’m having a great birthday week!

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