Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Eleven

Autumn mornings are blowing in at the moment, but we are still in for some hot days. This is the time of year I love the most: the changeling weeks between summer’s intensity and autumn’s slow fade into winter. I don’t usually say this but I am really looking forward to winter this year. Perhaps it’s because we’ve had a long hot summer, or perhaps it’s because we are moving into our house sometime in winter, but I am craving cooler days, and cold nights, scarves, jeans, long runs amongst the leaves, hot chocolate, and soup at the moment. I guess I’m searching for a little comfort. There was plenty of comfort, and much to be grateful for this week too. Here’s my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Eleven:

sweet potato saladMonday: Today my body was just not feeling it. I was grateful to come home, defrost some cookies (sometimes, you’ve just gotta lie in bed with a cookie or two), and watch Top Gear and John Oliver Last Week Tonight with Chris. Sometimes I might yearn for adventure, but these quiet moments in the middle of a busy world are the most precious thing, and our life together is the greatest adventure of all.

Tuesday: Today I curled up in bed and just slept all day. I was grateful to be able to give my body the rest it needed and to hopefully prevent the change of weather flu that seems to be going around. I was also grateful to spend some time curled up with some old favourite cookbooks and get some new ideas for autumn and winter recipes. Bring on soup season!

Wednesday: Technology might be intruding in our lives in some ways that aren’t positive, but I am grateful for the connection it gives me to my family even though we can’t see each other every day. My 80 year old grandmother recently learned to text and its wonderful getting her little messages through the week (e.g. ‘Ross River Fever outbreak. Remember to be careful when you are running.). My Mum has mastered the photo message and today’s message will go down in history. After her orange tree sapling was reduced to a stump because of an unfortunate gardening accident (umm…Dad…) new shoots have started appearing. Mum’s photo of the new growth were accompanied by the speech bubble ‘I am Groot!’. Big smiles, thanks Mum.

Thursday: I started the day with a sweaty interval run and it set the tone for an intense, but worthwhile day. A friend from work and I even managed to sneak away for lunch in the sunshine where we chatted about life, musicals, and everything in between. I am grateful to have such a great friend at work, and someone I connect with on so many things.

sunrise 12-3Friday: I’m usually a ‘Fri-Yay!’ type of person, and I had a purposeful spring in my step this morning as a way of warding off the stress demons brought on by a truckload of documents to be delivered. My spring was noticeably less springy when at 4pm I had only been able to deliver a few of them… I was grateful when I finally escaped the cubicle and made for a hard, fast run at the gym to shake the stress of and get the weekend started.

Saturday: Autumn was in the air for a little while when I headed out for a long walk this morning, and after a busy day in the kitchen Chris and I headed over to Mum and Dad’s to enjoy a last summer evening barbeque (before we start the cool weather barbequing). Jess and Trent joined us, and it was a family evening of great food, excellent company, and so much laughter. Also, Jess made her famous chocolate caramel slice for dessert! I am grateful that I can call my family my friends, and that we get to share moments like this. Looking forward to so many more evenings just like this.

harbour walk 14-3Sunday: Today was the sort of Sunday you hope to have every few weekends – time with the ladies, some ultimate indulgence, and a truly wicked time. Today I was grateful to start off the day with a quick walk along the water before heading into town to have a lovely lunch with my Mum, Jess, and Bree (Jess’s best friend). We sat on the balcony of the restaurant and enjoyed some cool drinks and an escape from the heat before meandering through the markets and then settling into our seats for a matinee session of ‘Wicked’. I love, love, love this musical and I was so grateful to be able to see it again and have a wonderful time with some of the loveliest ladies. I was grateful to Mum for making us all matching green sequin scarves/belts as well. We were best dressed for sure!


Also this week:

  • I made us a mushroom meal that celebrates our mercurial weather at the moment.
  • I was in charge of some side dishes for Saturday night and I whipped up this perfect summer pasta salad, and a sweet potato salad that is coming to you this week!
  • I got some exciting collaboration news that I can’t wait to share with you all!

12 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Eleven

  1. Wicked! So fun! I saw Wicked on Broadway a few years ago, and it was magical. I loved it!

    It is so so so weird you’re gearing up for autumn and we are just starting to break out our spring jackets! Just a few more days until the first day of spring, and I know we are all itching for it. I’ll send the cold weather your way if you promise to push the hot sunshine over to us 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your sweet potato salad! Yesterday at a party, I had a salad with roasted sweets, rice, quinoa, and a lemon vinaigrette dressing over a bed of kale. It was amazing! I think if I were to make it myself, I would throw an egg or some chicken on it, but it was so yummy. I totally thought of you! Can’t wait to see what yours is all about! Have a great week, friend!

  2. Agree with you about looking forwards to the winter this year – I want to stay home all day Sunday with a roast and movie without feeling guilty that it’s warm and sunny outside!

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