Nourished Finds – Midweek Conversation Starters

There are so many fascinating points of view out there, and everyone has a story to tell or an opinion to share. Let’s get deep, let’s talk about everything. Here are some links that have been conversation starters for me lately.


Get the conversation flowing:

Chris, babe, you know I love you, and you just have to accept that Stanley Tucci will always have a special little piece of my heart. (Who would you choose as your celebrity boyfriend? Obviously Stanley is already taken.)

Read this article about Wild and Cheryl Strayed. The best review/deconstruction I have come across. I can’t believe I have just started reading Wild!

I am so fortunate that I have found the one I am head-over-heels for, but this study has some interesting points on what makes love happen when you deliberately choose to fall in love with someone. And, here are the questions that they asked each other. Dinner discussion points indeed!

National Geographic explores the evolution of our diets, and the fact that eating ‘like a caveman’ can mean so many different things depending on where you make your home. Fascinating stuff. (Also, that paleo doughnut probably isn’t anything like what our ancestors ate…)

It’s not about what you look like in the mirror – an appearance-driven diet can be dangerous, and distract us from our own inner cues for hunger and satiety, which may have long-term effects.

Notorious RBG for Chanel, Mo’Ne Davis for Céline. – yes please fashion industry!

Hacks for better homemade fries a.k.a. ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People 2.0’

22 inspiring Australian women! Politicians, atheletes, movie stars – extraordinary ladies from Down Under!

And some yums from around the internet kitchen:

What have you been talking about lately? Any interesting finds to share?

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