Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week One

This week starts the third year of my daily gratitude practice, and I cannot underestimate the importance of this daily reflection in my life. It doesn’t take very long, just five minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what has passed the last twenty-four hours, and what has most touched my heart and made me grateful for the life I lead. The big things in life: family, security, friends, love, and health are not to be taken for granted. There are events that pass that make us grateful for the big things, and 2014 gave me some moments to reflect on how grateful I am for my health, and the love and care of my friends and family.

The Gratitude List really focuses on finding something in your everyday, something in the minutiae, that made you truly grateful. Sometimes it’s just not having to do the dishes after dinner, and sometimes it is that you got to spend a whole day doing exactly all the things that you love. Perhaps you met up with a close friend for coffee after work, or you got home and found that your darling made the bed after you left for work and you don’t have to do it. It’s about being really present to the wonders that surround us, and the kindness of others who reach out in the smallest of ways to make our lives really worth living.

Will you join me in my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015? Each week I will post what I have been grateful for everyday of the past week. If you’d like to share what you have been grateful for you can post in the comments, or on the Gratitude List photo on the Thoroughly Nourished Life Facebook page. Let’s start a gratitude revolution this year.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

beach run 28-12

Here goes, my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week One:

Sunday: After bad weather put off our travel plans for a day, we had a slow morning and then headed up the coast road. We had a sunny afternoon and after some lunch and a nap I headed out for a run along one of my favourite paths in the world. I was grateful to just breath and feel the sea air nourishing me from lungs to soul. After my run Chris and I, and our family house mates, sat out looking at the canal and enjoyed some wine, snacking, and catch-up.

Monday: If only every Monday could be like this! I woke up early for a super long walk. I just love the Sunshine Coast – so many people getting active in the morning without the massive crowds that you find on the Gold Coast. Chris and I went to a movie today. I wanted to see a drama, but he really wanted to see ‘Big Hero 6’ – I was grateful that he chose the movie because it ended up being funny and touching. I was also grateful for the walk because we had popcorn and m&ms for lunch (holiday mode!). In the afternoon we headed down to the beach. The sun was hot, the water was cold, and I was grateful for our little spot of paradise. To end the day on a really high note we went out for dinner just the two of us and talked and laughed and rolled our way home with very happy tummies.

we made it in the water

Tuesday: Wow it was hot today! I woke up at 4:45 am and couldn’t sleep because the mercury was already rising. I ran the sun up over the ocean and watched the world wake up. When I got home I made the most of the quiet of the house by ensconcing myself on the couch under the fan with the crossword, a good book, and lots of water. The heat lasted all day and it was a good excuse to visit the beach again, and make a post-dinner trip to the gelato shop. I was grateful to see Chris’s parents and sister who arrived today. We all sat around in the living room before dinner and just talked. I am grateful to be part of his family, and that they include me in these annual family holidays.


Wednesday: The last day of 2014! Today started with a long walk to say farewell and see you soon to my favourite beaches, and then I treated myself to a solo breakfast (Chris’s treat is always sleeping in on these holidays) at a new-to-me cafe and a wander around with my big camera. I am grateful that we are both independent and value that trait in each other. Sometimes we need to build our own space, and that’s okay. We always come back together stronger for the time apart. Chris and I headed home and then out to my sister and her husband’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner. I was grateful to spend the last few hours of 2014 with the people I love and to reflect on the year that has been. This year’s table question: what was your favourite moment of 2014. Chris’s warmed my heart: ‘when you moved in with me permanently’. Ah. I actually didn’t make it to see midnight. An early morning + wine + full tummy = 9.30pm bed time.


Thursday: The first day of 2015! Always start the year like you mean to carry on. For me this meant a long 12km walk around our home harbours and curling up with a book in the cool of our air-conditioned cottage. Tonight Chris and I treated ourselves to pizza for dinner and picnicked on the bed while watching the BBC ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’. We party hard. I am grateful that we are both made happy with nights in and trivia.

pizza night

Friday: I got my heart pumping this morning with an interval and weights workout and then Chris and I did some housecleaning and laundry. So grateful that Chris will pitch in when I ask for help. Tonight we joined a big group of our favourite people for dinner and The Hobbit part three! I was grateful to Jess for planning the whole night, and grateful that we had two surprise guests (Caroline and her Mum) join us for the night of entertainment. Unexpected catch up time. A grateful and nourished heart.

Saturday: Walk to start the day again. I am always grateful for the time I have to myself in the mornings. I cherish those moments of calm while I am listening to podcasts or music and when I am on holidays I am grateful that I have extra time to fit in some longer walks.

new year walk

Sunday: Today is Chris’s last day of holidays before he goes back to work, so I am going to spend some time helping him with some writing and making his favourite dinner. I just want him to know how grateful I have been for the last two weeks of time together.

Also this week:

Tell me, friends, what have you been grateful for this week? Anyone joining me for a grateful year? 

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week One

  1. What a fun vacation, Amy! I’m a little jealous you spent part of it at the beach, because our 2 weeks vacation involved lots of cold weather, haha. We spent every single day together, but a lot of those days had “me time” for both of us. We found over the years that was important to both of us, and I believe it’s what has kept our relationship/marriage strong post living under one roof. I see nothing but good coming from you and Chris 🙂 Enjoy your first full week of 2015!

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