Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty-One

This Gratitude List is coming to you a little late because today is my first official day of holidays! So last night, I stayed up late reading until my eyes hurt, slept in a little, and went for a run before I sat down to reflect on the week past. Can you believe that Christmas is here already? I am excited to spend time with my family and Chris’s family, to go to the beach for a couple of days, and to relax and unwind after a big 2014. Here is my reflection about the past week in my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty-One:


Monday: Today was marked by a tragedy in Sydney, which didn’t end until the small hours of Tuesday morning. I was grateful to come home to Chris and talk to my family, grateful that they were safe and sound. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, and to the survivors.


Tuesday: Today was my Dad’s birthday! I am so grateful to have this wonderful man as my father. He has taught me so many lessons about love, patience, hard work, having fun, seeking challenges, being creative, and believing in myself. I love you Dada, and I am incredibly grateful for all the sacrifices you and Mum have made over the years so that Jess and I have had the best lives possible. I was grateful to gather together with our family after work and celebrate this wonderful man.

Dad's birthday cake

Wednesday: This morning I kept my healthy holiday promise to myself and got up early for a run along the bay. We are in for a long hot summer this year, but I was grateful to feel the heat on my skin and the ocean breeze as I started my day in the best way possible.

sunrise run

Thursday: Today was an amazing day at work. We started the day with a morning tea gathering where we all brought plates to share and thanked each other for the year of hard work. I was grateful to gather and share a moment of Christmas cheer with my colleagues. This afternoon I finished the last report of the year, and sent it off right on time with no problems or extra re-work. I was grateful for the help of everyone to get it finished, and kind of proud of myself too. I ended my day with a holiday dinner with friends where we ate way too much pasta and ice cream and had a grand old time doing so!

chocolate cupcakes

Friday: Today my friend Jess and I went for our usual Christmas lunch and sat out in the sunshine talking about our plans for the holidays – she and her husband Bruno are in Burma as we speak! I am grateful to have a friend like Jess at work, and grateful that we have become friends outside work too. This afternoon I left work an hour early (it was only three of us and the crickets at the end anyway) and took the extra time to go for a big walk along the bay and let the stress of the year melt away.

Saturday: This morning I met up with Mum and Jess (sister this time) for breakfast at the markets. There were so many people out and about this morning! We stuck together, fought our way through the crowds and had a great time firming up plans for Christmas Eve. After the markets I went for a great run, and then Chris and I headed to Mum and Dad’s place to spend the night in the company of friends at our annual ‘Family Christmas Dinner’. I got to catch up with dear friends and neighbours and eat a feast too! Chris and I were the last to leave and I was grateful that we had a wonderful night filled with laughter and big love. And puppy cuddles too.

Molly and me

Sunday: I woke to an overcast Christmas weekend morning and spent some time padding around and writing up a post for the blog before I headed to the cinema for a date with Mum, Mormor, and Jess to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. it was such a great start to the holidays and really got me in the Christmas spirit. We had a spot of lunch after the film and I was grateful for time with some of my favourite ladies. When I got home I curled up in bed and had a really long nap: a perfectly indulgent end to the weekend.

Also this week:

  • If you are in need of an indulgent Christmas dessert, or even a host/hostess present my Frosted Peppermint Brownies (gluten free) are the perfect treat
  • You can indulge and still fit into your jeans in the New Year, check out my Healthy Holiday tips!
  • My favourite holiday recipe, and one of my favourite cookie recipes is my Mum’s Mixed Spice Cookies (gluten free) you should make them this holiday week!

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifty-One

  1. “go to the beach for a couple of days” <– this is so weird to me. I am dying to know… When you watch Christmas movies, and they're all about snow and cold weather and bundling up… Is it confusing? Are you jealous? Are there Australian Christmas movies that involve sand and sunscreen? I just can't wrap my head around this one bit, clearly, hahahaha.

    Anyway, I'm so sad to see there was tragedy in Sydney, but I am glad that you and your family were unaffected! And happy birthday, Mr. C! I love the cake– it's so pretty!

    I wish I would have come to visit you on Thursday… I can get down with "too much pasta and ice cream" any day of the week. I'm jealous.

    Have a great Christmas, Amy! Did you get our card yet? I tried to send it early enough! 🙂

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