Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Eight

I am just about to turn the lights off on another Sunday night. My belly is full of cookies, there are cupcake crumbs on my kitchen bench, my gym gear is finally washed and all in all I call this a very nourished week. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List – Week Forty-Eight:

Monday: Tonight I went in for my annual iron top-up. Because I have tricky veins it took the nurses a little while to get me hooked up to the juice, but I was so grateful for their practiced, and caring touch. They took such good care of me. Interactions like this make me grateful for the great medical staff and care that I have available to me. When I got home Chris and I had a light dinner and laid in bed watching the new season of ‘The Newsroom’. So excited that this show is back.

iron infusion Tuesday: Today I had the day off to recuperate from my infusion and I spent the day with Mum and Dad. Mum and I had coffee and did a brief stint of Christmas shopping (getting close to finished) and then we had our hair done by a dear friend before I headed home to have a quiet night with Chris. I was grateful for the time with my parents in the middle of the week – an unexpected delight – and grateful for Chris enjoying a new recipe trial for dinner. I’m always excited when I make something that he really enjoys!

christmas coffee

Wednesday: Tonight after work Chris and I went out for a walk along the waterfront before dinner. The night was warm and the sky was still light and nothing relaxes me more than talking and joking with Chris. I was grateful for the midweek boost. On the way home we drove to see some of the Christmas lights that have started popping up in our area!

Thursday: Dark clouds crowded the sky this afternoon and just as I was planning to leave work one of the biggest storms in decades swept through our city. Hail the size of golf balls, 140 km/hour winds, and rain that felt like bullets fell from the sky. The windows and roof in our building shook, sheets of iron flew down the street like abandoned paper cups and trees were uprooted like a child picking flowers. I was grateful that my family and friends were safe, and even though there is some cosmetic damage to my car (my baby!) that we all survived with minimal harm. Nature is powerful, and I was grateful that we all made it home safe and sound.

nourished salad

Friday: Chris and I went to the gold class movies to see ‘Interstellar’ tonight. We turned up at the wrong theatre by accident, but by divine providence we made it across to the other theatre with enough time to order dinner and sit down in our supremely comfortable chairs. I was grateful for an evening of indulgence, and also grateful that even though our night started with a bit of stress, that Chris and I both handled it with laughter and ran through the shopping centre hand in hand trying to make it to our booking. I am grateful to have someone to get older with, but who (like me) will never grow up.

Saturday: Jess and I started our day with a Pump class and then headed to Mum and Dad’s for car-washing and Christmas card making. Let’s just say that I am a little more proficient at the former than the latter, although I am learning. Casey and Matt also turned up and I was grateful for the impromptu visit from two of my favourite people. In the afternoon Chris and I had a long nap in the cool of the air-conditioning and watched a film. I was grateful for a quiet, but nourishing day.

Sunday: My Sunday started with a great long walk with a friend and her pup. I was grateful to catch up with Jenny and see how her life was going and to spend some time with her precious pup Ellie! When I got home Chris was all ready to go and do some Christmas shopping and we made a quick trip past the house on our way. The house is coming along, as is our Christmas shopping! After a reward stop by Baskin Robbins (yum, strawberry sorbet) we came home so I could spend some time experimenting in the kitchen and Chris could spend time experimenting on his computer (hey, it works for us!). While we ate dinner we watched one of my favourite comedians and I had to be careful not to spray hummus everywhere because she is just hilarious. This Sunday was nourishing from start to end, and I am truly grateful.

Gingerbread cupcake

Also this week:

  • A big Happy Thanksgiving to all my darling American friends and readers! I hope you enjoyed your turkey/tofurky/Chinese takeaway and spent some time enjoying your friends/family/football and indulged in some pie! I am grateful for all of you.
  • I got a head start with my Christmas experimenting and gift making with these Maple Spiced Nuts – easy and very welcomed!
  • Chris and I are feeling seasonal with our meals at the moment and a Shredded Vegetable Salad with Red Curry Coconut Dressing is going to be a summer favourite this year.
  • Thoroughly Nourished Life on Facebook gained so many new followers this week! I am grateful to you all! In order to meet everyone properly I updated my ‘About Amy‘ page so we could all say hello properly!

5 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Eight

  1. Amy! I got up a little earlier today and literally 2 minutes before I got your post email, I went to your blog just to be sure I didn’t miss it. I sure do love my Sunday morning Nourishment with my coffee 🙂
    It sounds like you had quite an eventful week this week! I’m so glad you have your medical issues under control and are able to take time to recover. That stuff is a big pain in the butt, but it helps to be under great care! I’m sorry to hear about your car, but glad you all are safe! Storms like that are so scary… I hate when that happens 😦
    We ALMOST went to see Interstellar on Friday as well with Matt’s brother and his girlfriend, but the dinner theater we wanted to go to didn’t have 4 seats together. We opted for Netflix and takeout instead. We will see it eventually!
    Only 4 more Gratitude lists this year… CRAZINESS! Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    • I was about to go to bed last night and leave my post until Monday morning and then I thought – no! I can’t let Lynn be disappointed over her Sunday morning coffee! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy them 🙂
      It was an eventful week. I loved the storm (I’m weird like that) but it was sad to see so much damage around our area.
      Interstellar is good, but Netflix and takeout sounds awesome too!!
      Have a great Sunday and a wonderful Week 49 🙂

  2. Your week sounds packed. It’s nice when friends drop in unexpectedly. There are no rules then 🙂 We went to see Interstellar on Saturday afternoon. I think Matthew McConaughey just get better and better. I can mention Christmas now, but I’m still pacing myself. Haven’t started shopping, baking or decorating yet – all in good time.

    • It was a pretty packed week, but nearly everything was something I was looking forward to 🙂 Matthew McConaughey is definitely breaking away from the rom-coms that he started in. I still need to see Dallas Buyers Club, but I loved him in True Detective!

  3. Woo that storm was a doozy. I was genuinely frightened when I saw it on the radar. We got out of it ok but apparently more storms coming this week 😦

    Dallas Buyers Club was brilliant too, well worth seeing!

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