Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Seven

This post is coming to you a little later than usual because my weekend was packed! I was ‘Out to Live’ and I have come back feeling nourished: mind, body, and soul. The time away from the screen was worth it because I feel refreshed and ready to launch into some seasonal celebrations and share some delicious recipes with you all. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Forty-Seven:

roasted nuts

Monday: I love it when Monday nights end with a sweat session with my sister and tonight we headed to a Body Pump class together after work. I was grateful for the activity after sitting in my office chair all day and grateful to have Jess to giggle with (we are both so uncoordinated) and support each other when we challenged ourselves with heavier weights, or the harder moves.

Tuesday: I am going through some major long run withdrawals at the moment and I’m not doing the Cadbury Half Marathon again until 2016, so today I started having a look to see if there were some shorter races closer to home that had something a little different about them. I have found a race series on the coast that looks amazing, and 10km will be a good distance to work up to again and concentrate on getting faster! I am grateful that I have a strong, healthy body (once my iron levels are up again) and the opportunity to have fun with running.

Wednesday: this afternoon the skies turned black. After a long, muggy day the storm was coming in. Bolts of lightening struck the airfields across from my office and the streets quickly became rivers. I was grateful to make it home safely to Chris, and to spend the night listening to the rain.

blue skies

Thursday: today after work I got to pick up two very important parcels from the airport – Mum and Dad!! After nearly three weeks in New Zealand they made their way back home and I was so happy to see them! I was so grateful to see them and to hear that they had a wonderful holiday. The photos that I have seen have made it clear that Chris and I need to get to New Zealand soon!

Friday: this morning while I was out for my run I came around the last corner and tripped over on the pavement. I skinned my knees, bloodied my hands, and jarred my elbows but I was so lucky that my injuries are just external. I was grateful that Mum and Dad bandaged me up and made me some breakfast and that I had an easy morning at work. Tonight I was grateful to spend a night with Mum and Dad looking at some of their photos and watching a movie.


Saturday: Mum, Jess, and I made our return to the markets this morning. I was grateful for a creamy cappuccino and stocking up on lots of fresh produce to fuel Chris and I through the week. Then I came home and got to experimenting with some seasonal treats that will be perfect as homemade gifts this Christmas! I was grateful for a long afternoon walk to make up for all the taste testing 🙂 Also, Chris bought me the cutest Christmas decoration because he’s just that sweet!


Sunday: today is the reason this post is coming to you a little late! I woke up and got out for my run this morning and two dogs ran through traffic when they saw me. Luckily a car stopped to help me and the gentleman got out and called the number on one of the dog’s collars and they were,swiftly returned to their owner. I was grateful for the kindness of strangers. Then Chris and I made our way to the other side of town to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday – Happy Birthday Trent! In the afternoon all the girls gathered for some tea, treats, and linen party shopping. I was grateful to catch up with so many of my friends, new and old, and to get a good lot of my Christmas shopping done. A very lovely, soul nourishing Sunday afternoon.

run harbour

Also this week:

  • I shared my first attempt at gluten free pastry, and a perfect early summer supper.
  • I can’t help myself, the holiday season is here to stay in our house already!

Tell me dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

9 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Seven

  1. I was wondering where this post was! I didn’t get to read it during my morning coffee! But I’m glad that it sounds like you had a great week, despite your injuries. I’m glad nothing worse happened than some scrapes and bumps! So glad your parents made it home safely and that they had a great time. New Zealand is on our list as well, but I imagine it will be quite some time before we get there!
    Have a wonderful week! We will eat extra turkey and stuffing for you on Thursday 🙂

    • Oh yeah, they hurt much more than when you are a kid, and bandaids just don’t coordinate with anything! Very lucky it was just scrapes and bruises…although now Chris is threatening to insist I wear kneepads all the time…

  2. I love your little Christmas friend! This week I am thankful for the nice change in weather (all the snow melted!), and that I am going to see my family in two days. I haven’t seen them in ten months, so it is a long overdue visit.

    • I was in shock when I saw how much snow you were all getting already! Glad to know things are getting a little easier.
      I hope you are having a great time visiting your family 🙂

  3. Oh dear…you poor thing, sounds like you pulled a Cait on your run! aka…i’m a klutz..i’m so sorry you got skinned and bloodied up. 😦 but i’m hoping you’re feeling better now and glad you were taken care of!
    YES for getting your speed on!!! you knew i’d say that though. 🙂 you’ll do great….and that will translate over when you do run that awesome half! have a wonderful day my dear…and YAY for xmas coming up!!!

    • I think it would be super funny if I could watch it now, perhaps in slow motion, but at the time, not so much…
      Felt much better having Mum and Dad there to help me.
      Thanks for your support with my running journey as always lovely Miss Cait 🙂

    • It’s so scary because there’s nothing you can do about it! So lucky it was just bumps and bruises, and that Mum and Dad were there as personal paramedics 😉
      Rudy is definitely a keeper, just like Chris 🙂

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