Thoroughly Nourished Finds: Merry and Bright

I’ve held back as long as I could dear reader, and I just can’t hold back anymore. I am ready for Christmas. Ready for the baking, the shopping, the shipping, the card making, the wrapping, the dinner partying, the summer running, the carols, the tree, the time with family. Thinking about Christmas, for me, starts before Halloween. I just can’t help myself. As soon as the days start to grow longer and the temperature starts rising to ‘get in the pool now’ levels I am ready to wind down on the work, dial back on the responsibility, increase the merriment, and get into festive mode.


Let’s start with something very merry, and by that I mean a cocktail. Kate from Cookie and Kate created the perfect seasonal sip for by the pool – Spiced Apple Margarita anyone!

Starring stunningly in-season watermelon these Watermelon, Strawberry, and Vodka Slushies from Emma at A Splash of Vanilla would be very welcome among my girlfriends – perfect for a pool date!

Katie from What Katie Ate takes the most beautiful photos (her second book is on my Christmas wish list) and creates the most tantalising desserts. Katie created this delicious Chocolate Pavlova for Christmas – I can tell it’s going to be popular at our house!

Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake created the cutest Reindeer Cupcakes last year, and I’m going to treat my colleagues with these for sure!

I’m hoping to DIY some of our presents this year, and after we received a delicious ‘Cookie in a Jar’ mix last year I am hoping to gift some ‘In a Jar’ presents of my own! BuzzFeed has 24 ideas for jars full of happiness.

We are approaching deep ice cream eating territory very quickly, and my ice cream maker is already sitting on the bench waiting for its next job. I think Chris deserves a big bowl of this Double Chocolate Ice Cream with Cookie Pieces after our next run along the water.

Do you get easily overwhelmed? I certainly do! This article from The Chalkboard gives us permission (and the steps) to Break Out of Overwhelm.

My parent’s mango tree has baby mangoes all over and I need more than ice cream and cupcakes to power me through my summer workout plans – this Mango Coconut Green Smoothie from Kitchen Treaty brings homegrown mangoes and healthy eating together in one delicious glass.

I am enjoying strength training at the moment (Jess and I have been taking Body Pump together and it hurts so good).  This Holiday Rev-Up Workout from Women’s Health Magazine sounds perfect to pump up my metabolism when I can’t make it to a class.

Before Chris and I see the Stephen Hawking biopic ‘The Theory of Everything‘ I will be sure to read the book by his first wife Jane. You can also be sure that we will be re-reading this family favourite while putting up Mum and Dad’s Christmas tree – you are never too old for ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman‘.

Okay, there you have my first post for the Holiday 2014 season. Let this one be merry and bright, and full of nourishing moments.

7 thoughts on “Thoroughly Nourished Finds: Merry and Bright

  1. Amy! Thanks for the linky link chick! And those reindeer cupcakes are so inspired and cute 😀 I love all these beautiful links/recipes and the overwhelm article is helpful to me also.

    Have an awesome weekend (I know it’s only Thursday but I’m getting in early 😉 )

    • Overwhelm is the name of the season. I was so lucky to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done from home this weekend so we are looking like avoiding the Overwhelm this year – and spending more time sipping cocktails 😉
      Have a wonderful week Emma!

    • I can totally understand the no ‘C’ word until after 1st of December. I am usually like that too! But this year I just ‘need a little Christmas’ I think 🙂

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