Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Two

Can you believe we are at week forty-two of the year? I am in denial that this year has gone by so quickly. Summer has already rolled around again and Christmas decorations are popping up in stores. I am ready for some summer time relaxing, and for getting into the Christmas spirit, but let’s not rush things, okay? Let’s just take the next few weeks of spring to relax in the fresh breezes, revel in the delicate green produce, and take big walks to wash winter away. Here is my spring-filled Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Two:

Monday: Today I was grateful for delicious leftovers for lunch. I love unpacking my lunch box when I have something healthy and tasty to break up the day. When I got home tonight I was grateful to crawl into bed with Chris and get lost in ‘The Goldfinch’ for a few hours.

Black Bean and Millet Stuffed Peppers | Vegan | Gluten Free | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Tuesday: This morning I woke up to a sky filled with streaks of rain clouds the sun struggling to peek through. It was a refreshing way to start the day, and I managed to double up on runs when I came home from work in the afternoon. I was grateful just to be moving after being stagnant in my office chair all day.

rainy run


Wednesday: This morning I woke up late. My body was not happy with something. I managed to drag myself to work, but within a few hours I was back in bed under the covers. I was grateful when Chris came home later in the evening, bundled me into the car to get some dinner, and then brought me home to lie in bed, eat sushi and watch The Mindy Project. Laughter and love are the best medicines.

Chewy Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies | Gluten Free | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Thursday: Today we had a big important meeting at work so I convinced myself to just get into work and take it from there. I did make it halfway through the day before my body gave out. I was grateful to my colleagues for taking over for me and insisting that I go home and get some rest.

Friday: I didn’t even bother getting out of bed today. After visiting my doctor it turns out that my iron levels are again at basement level (and I eat so much spinach! Come on body keep up your end!) and I have gastritis. I am grateful for the excellent health care I have available to me and my doctor for taking good care of me. Tonight Chris and I had dinner with Mum and Dad. I made butter chicken and rice for the omnivores and vegetarian stir fry for myself. We sat talking and laughing late into the night. I am grateful that my parents and Chris get along so well.

Mocha Banana Muffins | Gluten Free | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Saturday: Today was filled with lots of adventures. I started my day with a visit to the markets for breakfast with Mum, Jess and Casey! After finding some perfect watermelon and sweet corn, Casey and I made our way to Good Food and Wine festival. We spent a few hours nibbling on samples (stayed away from the cheese with this tummy at the moment), purchasing yummy bits and pieces (the best peanut butter, and jam with whiskey for me – if you can have whiskey for breakfast…) and talking up a storm. This afternoon I took Chris into Oktoberfest in his full costume (he looked awesome) and I was grateful that he had a great time with his friends consuming plenty of beer and pretzels. I went for a run and then snuggled up in bed with some new cookbooks and re-runs of VEEP.

Sunday: This morning I had a sweet sleep in and a take it easy morning. I am off to have lunch with two dear friends and spend some time out in the bayside sunshine this afternoon. I’m also doing some writing and planning this afternoon. Grateful for Sundays indeed.

Also this week:

5 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-Two

  1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well this week! Maybe you need to eat spinach like Popeye… Gulp style! I hope your body figures itself out soon 😦
    I didn’t realize until just now that since you’re in summer, that means Christmas is, like, warm for you. That is blowing my mind… I don’t know that Christmas would be the same for me without bitter cold and snow. Weird!!
    I hope you have a great week, Amy! And start popping those cans of spinach! 😉

    • Thanks Lynn. Feeling better now, and getting my iron cranked up again soon. I think I eat spinach three times as a day as it is! Maybe I should get some tips from Popeye 🙂
      Yep, Christmas is warm here 🙂 My family are Danish so we celebrate like it’s cold with big warm roasted dishes. Chris’s family are Aussies so we celebrate with cool dishes and then go to their beach house for a few days. I would love to celebrate a white Christmas one year though!

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