Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-One

This week has been a learning experience. There were definitely moments where I did not act with the kindness and grace that I should have. I am not grateful for the way I act in moments like this but I am grateful for the lessons I learn (like, I need to just take a step back sometimes and not take everything so personally) and for the love that Chris shows me even when I am being less-than graceful. I’m not perfect, I never will be, but I am learning how to be a better person every day. Here is this week’s Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-One. 

Monday: We had a public holiday today! Which means I am grateful for long morning walks, pancake brunches, Scrabble matches, cupcake baking, and snuggling up for a long afternoon nap. Oh and Chris made his amazing mashed potato so Monday night came to a delicious end.

blueberry pumpkin pancakes

Tuesday: Back to work today. I was grateful to start the working week with a sweaty plyometrics workout and then go for a slow run under the full moon sky with Chris when we got home from work. We ended the night with a new favourite TV show and a new favourite quick and easy dinner.


Wednesday: Today I was grateful to be able to share some delicious vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream for October work birthdays. I was happy that my co-workers enjoyed them and for the smiles on their faces as we enjoyed some sunshine and sweet treats.

Thursday: Today when I got home from work I just had nothing left to give. I was grateful that Chris and I decided on a low-key night of reading in bed with big bowls of stir fry. I have finally started reading ‘The Goldfinch’ and I am hooked! So beautifully written, and sometimes there is nothing better than a thick book of a story well told.

Friday: I knew today was going to be long and hard so I made sure to get up a charge my batteries and nourish my soul with a morning run before work. With thirty-five documents to get out the door I was grateful for a lunch break with my friend Jess to break up the day and despite the fact that it was an 11 hour work day I felt like I had accomplished something. After work I headed to my sister Jess’s place to help her make a wedding cake. I made a gluten free bride’s cake and together we put together the chocolate cake that Jess had been busy making all week. She is awesome at making smooth chocolate ganache too. I was grateful for a night filled with sisterly catch-ups after a long cakeSaturday: This morning I woke up with the sun (I need to get better at this weekend sleep in thing I think), so I went for a big run down by the waterfront and celebrated the sunshine. I let it soak into my bones and burn out the tiredness. Chris and I went out looking for furniture and electronic stuff for the new house after I got back. Holy moly was that overwhelming. I am not exceptionally good at making decisions and so I got a little snappy at poor Chris. In the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate Chris’s grandma’s birthday. We had such a great time catching up with all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins and Aunt Grace even made the cake gluten free so I could enjoy a slice! I can’t wait to get the date, almond, and chocolate cake recipe off her to share with all of you!


Sunday: This morning started off with another big walk along the water. I love going real estate dreaming down by the water on the weekends. After a morning of talking with Chris and creating some recipes to share with you all this week, we are going out tonight to see Bill Bailey (Chris’s second favourite comedian after Ricky Gervais) and get some laughter happening to end the week!

harbour walk


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4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Forty-One

  1. It’s important to have a partner who loves you even when you don’t deserve it– way to be, Chris! I’m sure he has his moments as well, right? 🙂
    That cake is so pretty!! Sometimes, I miss cake decorating… I just don’t miss the stress of them, haha. If I could just decorate cakes whenever the creative moment strikes and say “hey, there’s a cake for sale, who wants it?” that would be ideal, hehe.
    I love that waterfront picture. Those puffy clouds are just perfect!

    • A supportive and love you through anything partner it the thing in a relationship for sure.
      Thanks for the decorator-to-decorator compliment 🙂 We had a good time, but decorating still gives me palpitations!
      We are so lucky to live by the water at the moment! Makes being active so easy 🙂

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