Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Nine

To a certain amount my life is divided into spheres: the work sphere, the relationships sphere. the my needs sphere, the professional development sphere, the exercise sphere – you get the picture. Sometimes one of those spheres spills over into another and disrupts the delicate ecology. You know the feeling: kind of itchy, out-of-sorts, just not right. I tend to pick fights over little nothings or become snappy and sarcastic to the ones who deserve my tenderness. Acknowledging the spillover is the first step; being present and remembering to show love and tenderness is the next and most important thing. This week there have been challenges, but there has also been much to be grateful for. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Nine:

ranunculus 1

Monday: Today was ‘one of those days’ at work where I just couldn’t make people happy. Coming home after a run at the gym I remembered that there were still a few hours left in the day to turn it all around and end the day on a happier note. Chris and I ate a delicious dinner of homemade red Thai curry stir-fry (new addiction) and watched our favourite Monday night shows. I am grateful for the days that remind me that despite an awkward beginning, there is always a chance to experience happiness and really notice something to be grateful for.

Tuesday: Today I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when my friends at Generation Better featured another of my recipes on their website too! I also tried out my first Kayla Itsines’s workout because I’m trying to shake up my routine. Whoo boy was I sweating by the end. Grateful for sore muscles and a smile on my face.

Wednesday: Today after work Chris and I headed down to the bay for a run along the water. We treated ourselves to some healthy takeaway and snuggled in bed watching ‘The Mindy Project‘, which we have become addicted to, and just let ourselves relax. Today Chris also finished another big training course for his work. I am so proud of him for making the most of all the opportunities presented to him, and grateful to have a partner who loves learning as much as I do.

takeaway date

Thursday: Today was an uncomfortable day. I just had a case of the ‘icks’. There were some uncomfortable situations at work, and I picked a fight with Chris when I got home because I was tired and had been sitting down all day. I put on my running shoes and headed out onto the streets. They were empty after the afternoon’s down pour. Somewhere out on those streets I found my heartbeat and my rhythm again. I was grateful for the peace and to come home to Chris, talk calmly through our little tiff, and make us something delicious for dinner.

Friday: Ah, Friday. Jess and I had our usual lunch date. Every week it feels great to get out and have a lunch date and let the worries go and let the weekend in. Tonight Chris and I met up for dinner at one of our favourite Italian-style restaurants, and then we went to see one of my favourite comedians – Gabriel Iglesias. If you haven’t partaken of this ‘fluffy’ dude yet, you are in for a treat. Grateful for so many moments of relaxation at the end of the week, and for a good old fashioned laugh. It’s the best medicine after all.

Saturday: This morning I met up with Mum and Jess for a morning at the markets. Chris and I explored a new restaurant for a delicious lunch (if you are a Brisbane resident, you should try out Hatch & Co. highly recommended, especially the aioli with chips) before catching Denzel Washington in ‘The Equalizer’. A perfect date for us. Then we hobbled out for a run this afternoon before a glorious lightning show lit up the sky over the harbour. I am grateful for days like this. So many good things to explore and be grateful for.

Hatch and co

Sunday: Today I got to go for a long walk along the water, which is my favourite way to start a lazy day, and then I came home to bake up some cookies for all of you, and now I am headed off to celebrate my cousin Grace’s 17th birthday! It only feels like yesterday that I was waiting in the hospital for you to be born and meeting you for the first time.I can’t believe what a generous, lovely, smart, and beautiful person you have become. I am grateful for such an awesome young woman as a cousin.

harbour walk

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One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Nine

  1. Amy, I admire your ability to turn crappy days around. Matt has a knack for doing this like no one else I know, (except now maybe you, haha) and he is slowly brainwashing me (in a good way, of course) to do the same. Life is so much better when you make the conscious decision to find the good! It sounds like you always have something delicious to eat! I know so many GF people who talk about how lame food is for them. I never hear that from you– in fact, I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again– you make some mouthwatering GF foods! I hope you have a great week!

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