Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Eight

I have just come back from a big walk along the water. The waves were whipped up by a strong bay breeze today and there were windsurfers and and yachts enjoying a sparkling spring day  out on the water. Chris and I have a busy week of work, professional training, cooking, running, and entertainment ahead of us (all things we are looking forward to) and today I am grateful for a moment to reflect on the week that was and all that I was grateful for. Here is is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Eight.

Monday: I am the type of person who spends half her day staring at the sky. Even when I was in school, the lure of the blue, grey, cloudy or clear sky outside was hard to resist staring at. I am grateful for the big wide open windows in my office and for the chance to walk outside at lunchtime and just soak in the sun.


Tuesday: I started this morning with a sunrise run by the harbour, and it was a good omen for the rest of the day. When our evening run got cancelled due to a thunderstorm, Chris insisted that he would make me dinner. The man has a hidden talent for making perfect mashed potato – my love language. I was grateful for this act of delicious kindness and a night off from kitchen duty.

harbour run

Wednesday: Tonight Chris and I headed down to the harbour after work for a run together along the slow winding footpath from the mangroves and out onto the pier where you can see the lights of our bayside suburb and out into the inky black bay. I was grateful for the wind down after a busy day at work, and for the time together with Chris.

Thursday: Today we had a big project due at work and thanks to the help of my colleagues, and a little butt-in-chair action from me, we had it out the door before lunch time! I was grateful for their help and for getting the project off without too much fuss. When I got home I went for a celebratory run and I was grateful to watch the sun dip behind the city and feel the freedom of being out in the night air.

Friday: Tonight I went home for a sleepover at Mum and Dad’s place while Chris was out having fun with some friends. Mum made wonderful mushroom omelettes and a crunchy cucumber and cherry tomato salsa for dinner and then we laid on the couch with full bellies (and a few squares of mint chocolate) and watched British murder shows. A classic night at home and I was grateful for puppy snuggles and big chats with Mum and Dad.

be magazine

Saturday: This morning Mum and I went out for a market date just the two of us. I had a deliciously chewy gluten free chia seed bagel (thank you Bagel Boys) and Mum had her customary pancake with warm cherries. I was grateful to spend a long morning wandering the market stalls and talking to Mum about life. I headed out for a run before Chris and I had dinner with some friends and talked and played boardgames late into the night (and early into the morning). Grateful for a day of fun.


Sunday: Today has gotten off to a great start: a sleep in, a long walk, a big slice of raspberry coconut bread and some watermelon for breakfast, and now I am off to do some baking, some writing, and perhaps indulging in some afternoon napping. Grateful for a whole day of blue skies and relaxation in front of me.

Also this week:

Tell me dear readers, how has your week been? What are you most grateful for this week?

3 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Eight

  1. I love that the way things work out time zone wise, I get to sit down and read your grateful lists with my Sunday morning coffee along with all the other things I like to catch up on from the week. So this week (because Sunday mornings aren’t ALWAYS this calm), I am grateful to have a bloggy friend who reminds me that there is a bit of good in each day and finding it is very important! I hope you have another great week, Amy!

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