Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Five

The sky is blue over the bay today, and I am about to go out for a long afternoon walk to nourish my soul before another week at work. There is a lot to look forward to in the coming week, and a lot to be grateful for in the week just passed. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Five.

Monday: Today I was grateful to get a small early mark from work. I got my chore done at the bank and the clerk was really helpful, which was great. Then I headed out for a run and made it home in time to flop down on the couch with Chris and enjoy our new Monday night show ‘The Strain’. I know, a highly unrealistic take on epidemiology and the spread of an epidemic, but it’s pure escapism and has just enough horror for me (no more thank you). I was grateful for an easy night to start the week, and for leftover gnocchi because that does make everything better.

Tuesday: There were a load of important documents due out at work today so I made sure to get up early and head to the gym so that I wouldn’t go stir-crazy sitting in my office chair all day. After work I jumped in my car and headed home for a relaxing night of baking cookies for Chris and watching a new (to us) show VEEP. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfuss so this comedy is right up my alley. I am grateful for the giggle inducing writing of the show and a slow night after a stressful day.

cookies for chris

Wednesday: Today I was contacted by a representative of a national healthcare company offering me a $50 grocery voucher as a reward for a healthy breakfast photo I had posted on Instagram! What a lovely gesture for them to make! I was grateful for an unexpected kindness. I think I’ll be buying some yummy (and healthy) ingredients with that and then baking you all something special.

Thursday: In a relationship I think it is important to notice the little things your partner goes to the effort to do to make you happy. This week Chris has gone above and beyond and today he put the cherry on top by surprising me with a big bunch of flowers when he came home from work. I am grateful for the way Chris listens to me when we have those big, deep honest conversations about our life together. I am a lucky woman.

flowers from my baby

Friday: Today the rain was all cleared and Jess (work Jess) and I went out to lunch in the park. We ate our sushi under the trees and talked about books and life and just enjoyed being under the sunny blue sky. I was grateful for my Friday lunch date with a colleague who has become such a good friend. After work I headed out for a run and then I got to bake pretty pink cupcakes for a little girl’s birthday. I have such fun when I get to pull out all the pink and pretty things from the baking cupboard and let my imagination go wild.

pink cupcakeSaturday: This morning I met Mum at the markets for a breakfast date – just the two of us. Although we missed the littlest member of a trio it was a great morning with Mum. I followed my market breakfast up with a run and then in the afternoon Chris and I headed down the coast to ride the roller coasters for a few hours. I know it sounds very childish, but I am so glad we got our theme park passes so we can pop down and have some fun on a weekend afternoon. Tonight Chris went off for a boy’s night and I had a sleepover with Mum, Dad, Molly (who wanted wants of snuggles) and Toby (who uncharacteristically wanted lots of snuggles too). I was grateful to talk to Mum and Dad about our house (only a year to go now!) and see what they have been up to through the week. Also, my Dad made me a special shelf for my computer monitor to help with my neck pain. Thanks Dad.

smoothie ingredients

Sunday: This morning I walked down to the dog park with Mum, Dad, and Molly and had a great time romping with Molly and we got to catch up with a park friend and her two gorgeous pups as well. Then Mum made me scrambled eggs for breakfast and we shared a pot of tea. Then I picked Chris up and I have spent the day pottering around the house and practising some photography and making a tasty fresh salad to with you tomorrow. I’m grateful for a truly recharging Sunday with some of my favourite people.

Also this week:

Okay, I’m off for my walk! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends (or for my other readers Saturday evening).

7 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Thirty-Five

  1. I love VEEP and Julia as well, I’ve loved her since Seinfeld.

    Re: the Strain, the main character was in House of Cards – he looks so different with hair (better without it tbh).

    Oh and lovely flowers and such a sweet little pink cupcake 🙂

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