Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Nine

We are in the thick of winter in Brisbane dear reader. Right now I am curled up in bed under a quilt listening to a podcast about female Antarctic explorers reflecting on the week that was and scheming about what sort of treats to bake up over the next week. Apples will be involved (this will become clearer when you read about my week). Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Nine:

Monday: Over the weekend my work friend Jess and her husband Bruno went to Stanthorpe. While they were there they bought a whole box of apples straight off the farm and Jess brought a whole bag to work for me! She knows that they are my favourite fruit, and these apples happened to be my favourite variety (Sundowner). I am so grateful to Jess for thinking of me and making me smile with her sweet gift.

rest day

Tuesday: Today I sent some doughnuts to my Dad (Chris is a great delivery man). I was grateful to be able to surprise him with a little sweet treat after all the help he gave me over the weekend with my car (I even got a care package with car wash, chamois, bucket, and tyre shine – yep, best Dad award – boom!). Thanks Dad.

Wednesday: Tonight I went for an awesome run, made dinner and a recipe for the blog, and even managed to relax with Chris while watching a film before bed. I am grateful for nights like these, which make the days pass quickly and the time away from work so special.

another beetroot bowl

Thursday: The day started with another awesome apple gift from Jess (thanks Jess!) and proceeded to be very sweet indeed. I was grateful to have email chats with my sister in between spreadsheets, and talk to Dad about how much he like the doughnuts (he coined a new word – donutagus – so that’s a good sign). I am grateful for how connected I am to my family even when we can’t see each other every day.

Friday: Today I started the morning with a great run and at lunch time my friend Jess and I headed out to lunch. I am grateful for our Friday ritual and I look forward to it every week. Tonight Chris and I headed to his family’s house for dinner after work. Although the drive was long (about two hours) I was grateful for the time alone with Chris at the end of the week, and of course grateful to see his family when we finally arrived! Although it was cold outside, we sat around the table in the warm house and laughed and chatted all night long before tucking ourselves into bed for a great sleep while the wind howled outside. (Also, I brought a batch of these brownies with us.)


Saturday: This morning we slept in. How nourishing is the occasional Saturday morning where you don’t get out of bed until 9am? I rarely have the chance to just luxuriate in the warm sheets and wake up slowly chatting to Chris about all sorts of things so I was grateful for our slow introduction into the day. We had a long drive back, but thanks to snacks from Chris’s Mum’s mandarin tree (and avocado tree too!), and the fact that both of us are chatterboxes, we had a great drive back and then I holed up with ‘Born on the Fourth of July‘ (so many feelings) while Chris went and played in a poker tournament.

Sunday: This morning started off like every Sunday – an exercise session! I walked along the waterfront for 12.5km and when I got home I basked in the sun and read my book before Chris and I went to a birthday party for a dear friend of ours. I was grateful to sit out on the pavement of a nice cafe with Mum, Dad, and Chris and catch up while celebrating my (almost) big sister Donna. A very nourishing end to the week.

Sunday walk 20_7

Also this week:

3 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Nine

  1. What a yummy week, in every way. I’d love a bowl of your broccoli creation right now… and one of your brownies for after (for balance of course). while watching the football (and later Sons of Anarchy Season 4). I’m looking forward to another delicious week ahead.

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