Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Eight

Welcome to this week friends, and welcome to my reflections on last week. This week was one where I felt the passage of time strongly, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in an uncomfortable way. I am grateful for both. The former for reminding me to be grateful and practice living in the moment as much as possible; and the latter for reminding me that sometimes life has to be uncomfortable for us to change or say what we need from a certain situation. Do you ever feel this way? Here is my Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Eight.

salad and legs

Monday: Today started off with a sweet treat from another of my co-workers! One of the gentlemen at work had made a meringue gateau for his daughter’s birthday over the weekend and brought me slice because it was gluten free! I saved it and when I got home from the gym I treated myself, because sometimes it’s Monday and you need to do that. I am grateful that my co-workers are so thoughtful, and I’m also grateful that my relationship with food has healed so much that I didn’t even feel guilty for indulging on a Monday night.

Beetroot bowl

Tuesday: Needed to wake up with a run this morning, especially after my delicious dessert last night. I was grateful for the warmth of the gym because boy it has been chilly here in the mornings lately! I was grateful too for the motivation of the other people running, lifting, and cycling so early in the day – they kept me going for longer than I thought I would in my groggy morning state.

Wednesday: Today I went on a spontaneous lunch date with a friend from work. She was stepping out the door and I decided to tag along. Best decision. We sat in a local café, ate lunch, sipped coffee (great iced Americano) and talked for an hour. I was grateful for the midweek refresh. I was so refreshed that when I got home, instead of a steady run (or a big nap) I decided to run myself through a bootcamp-style workout: squats, push-ups, burpees, and 6.5km worth of intervals later I felt sweaty and awesome. Lesson from this Wednesday: put an unexpected twist on your usual routine and refresh yourself midweek!

Thursday:  Once a week Chris and I have a movie night. We make/buy something easy for dinner and then we snuggle up in bed with one of the latest releases. We don’t look at our phones, read a book, or otherwise entertain ourselves; we just spend some quality time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I am grateful that we have this free time to spend with each other and shut ourselves off from the world.


Friday: Tonight I got to spend the evening watching movies and eating junk food (hey, it’s all about balance) with my little sister and my Mum. We snuggled up on Jess’s couches and watched ‘A Winter’s Tale‘ while Jess’s fur-baby Storm patrolled the living room and gave us face licks. I am grateful for these nights with Mum and Jess and that I have such a great relationship with my mother and sister. When I got back to Mum and Dad’s house I was very grateful for Dad who put hot water bottles and extra blankets on my bed because the weatherman had reported that it was going to be extra chilly tonight.

Saturday: We started off the morning with a brisk trip and ladies’ breakfast at the farmers markets. I found the most perfect bunch of kale and a huge load of thyme. I was grateful to start the day with an awesome cup of coffee too. In the afternoon I went for a run and then did a killer leg workout. Chris and I spent sometime relaxing while watching Rio 2. I love our busy weekends, but I am grateful that we get these quiet ones on occasion too.

sunday walk

Sunday: Being by the water has always been my power place, the place I feel most at peace, most at home. Today’s walk along the waterfront under the flawless blue sky was a time to count my blessings and reflect on the last couple of months. Chris and I are planning some exciting things and looking forward to moving into our own house, and today I just got to reflect on that for a moment while I walked. I am grateful for the time to pause.

sunday breakfast

Also this week:

  • In addition to running/walking 52.5km this week I also completed this killer ab workout, and a killer leg workout. Believe me, I am still walking like a duck and trying to avoid laughing too much.
  • I shared the cake I brought into work for the team. They loved it. You should make it.
  • This chilly weather makes me want bowls of soup and nearly nothing else, and this recipe made me love an old enemy.

Tell me dear reader what are you grateful for this week?

3 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Eight

  1. That is a lot of miles! Looks like you had a gratitude-filled week. I am grateful that I was able to catch up on some things this week, and enjoy beautiful summer.

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