Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Two

The world lost a great soul this week: Dr Maya Angelou. I first discovered Dr Angelou through inspirational quotations, and then one day I stumbled upon a BBC interview she gave about her first book ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings‘. I was enchanted by her voice, a rich deep velvet timbre, you could hear the wisdom woven throughout her words like a golden weft. The world mourns her loss, but her legacy of activism, words, and true grace will live on as an everlasting memory. Dr Angelou will continue to be an inspiration to me, and this week one of her quotes that I thought of the most was this ‘Be present in all things and thankful for all things’. I think that speaks the most to why I continue my Gratitude Lists every week: to remind myself to be present in every day and soak up the blessings offered even in the mundane moments, and to be thankful for even the smallest blessing.

Onto the Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Two:

Monday: I started off the week with an afternoon run and it was just the thing to set the tone for this week. Then I came home, made pasta for Chris, who was so sweet and put on Liam Neeson’s latest movie because he knows I love action movies so much. I am grateful that I have found someone with the same tastes as me.

sky may

Tuesday:  Today I got into a conversation with another blogger about the voice of doubt that we all have in the back of our mind, especially when we are creating something and putting it out there on display. I think everyone goes through these periods, it is about quietening the voice and creating anyway. Know that if you make it/write it/perform it, they will come. Practice gratitude for having a forum and a way of expressing yourself (and gratitude for people who come to enjoy your work – thank you all).

Wednesday: This evening I came home excited for my walk with Chris. Even though he had a trying day at work he still suited up and went for a walk with me down by the water. I am grateful for these moments when we get to be away from the distractions of the house and electronic devices and just meander along the waterfront and talk about our frustrations and our joys.

Thursday: Today I got an email asking if I could supply a cake at the last minute. I wasn’t sure of the time frames for the things I wanted to achieve this evening, but Chris stepped in and offered to make dinner and take care of the groceries. I gladly accepted the job and I am grateful that Chris is a true partner to me and helps me when I have a lot on my plate.

lemon blueberry loaf

Friday: Tonight Chris and I met up with a whole lot of friends to celebrate five birthdays that fall in May and early June! We got to meet some new friends and catch up with old ones. I was grateful for the joyous start to the weekend, and the yummy food. We will definitely be returning to that restaurant soon.

Saturday: Market Saturday was back on this weekend! Jess, Mum and I – and surprise guest Bree (hi Bree) – headed to the markets for breakfast and coffee and hunting and gathering. I was grateful to find ‘The Bagel Boys‘ had gluten free bagels on offer and a whole lot of schmears to choose from. I went for a classic cream cheese and chives and was not disappointed. After we all parted ways I spent the day in Chris’s fine company and even snuck in an afternoon nap.

gluten free bagel

Sunday: Today is the birthday of my best friend, one Casey Tara. I am grateful for her friendship throughout the years (can you believe it’s been almost ten Case?) and all that she has brought to my life. I am so proud of her, and grateful to have her in my life. Happy birthday Casey kitten.

Casey and Me BW

Also this week:

Now, I am off to do some weekend baking, eat a massive salad to offset all the cake last week, and perhaps sneak another nap in the sunshine. Tell me dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

3 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Twenty-Two

  1. Thanks for the Bagel Boys heads up, I love bagels and can never find decent ones in Brisbane.

    That last photo Amy! It’s so beautiful.

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