Nourished Life: Small Great Things

All of my life I have wanted to do great things. I have felt that somehow my life was only worth measuring by impressive feats and grand achievements. I felt that I needed to ‘make something’ of myself in order to prove that I was worth being here, worth the love and support that my family and friends have always given me. I had to do great things: be famous, be out there, be a leader, be an overachiever. In high school I was ‘the smart girl’. I achieved academically and I was lucky because I love to learn. As my sister says “studying is what we know how to do.” I was doing great things in my little arena, my little community of students, teachers, and parents.

When I went to university that community grew exponentially. I struggled. I was now average in a group of people who excelled. I went through some difficult adjustments during those university years. I was lost when I wasn’t the one who was being held up for doing great things. Who was I if I wasn’t doing great things to the applause of the people I looked up to? Was I ever going to achieve great things again? Those were difficult years and it was only through the love and support and intervention of my friends and family that I survived.

When I left university I found work that I loved. I was helping people, making a difference in their lives, and that made a difference in mine. I was confident again. I was doing something great for the world.

I had adventures overseas. I had stories that were worth telling. I felt like I was doing great things.

Last year I lost the job that I loved. I was adrift. I am still adrift. Who am I if I am not doing great things for people? Who am I if I am not making a difference to the world? Who am I now that I sit in a cubicle from 8 til 5?

I am not doing great things if you measure my life against the great people of the world. I am living a small, simple, and mostly happy life. I struggle with my new reality sometimes. I want to stand up and say things and be counted, but who am I to make a fuss, I am not doing great things.

When I saw this inspiration on Clementine Daily it was like a message from the universe. A message to relax, to see my life as valuable and worthy even without the ‘great things’ that I feel I should be doing instead of what my life is now; a message to understand that doing small things with great love, great commitment, great passion, is just as important.

I feel this is the key to a settled heart. To live my life doing small things in a great way. I may not be winning an Oscar, but I can win a smile from my sister with a well-timed joke; I may not have my own cooking show, but I can bake something to warm the hearts of my workmates; I may not be on the New York Times Bestseller list (yet, I’m still holding out for that one) but I can write here, share my passion for words and storytelling with the world on my little space here on the web.

I will do small things in a great way. Because these are the things that touch the hearts of the people you love the most. And that is a great thing.

(I promise I will be back with some cookies tomorrow)

7 thoughts on “Nourished Life: Small Great Things

  1. oh, my dear amy, that inner perfectionist and drive within us can be both a blessing and a curse. curse it for ever making u feel it necessary to PROVE your worth. you are so gifted, inspiring, kind hearted, and wonderful and it always shines through. might i say your place in life is both grand and great with every small detail too. 🙂

    • Thank you dear friend. That inner voice sometimes is hard to silence, but I am grateful for the people around me who love me and remind me to relax and enjoy the life I live 🙂

  2. Hi Amy, what a great message to put out there, very inspirational! I am relatively new to your blog but when I think of you I see a really smart lady that has a wonderful way with words.

  3. My sweet Angel, when will you learn that to those who know and love you – you have always been great. Did I not tell you that over and over again, we do not care if you win an Oscar and wish like anything you could go back to the work you love. But just live for today and enjoy the small every day things as that is where true happiness lies. All the recognition in the world will not give you the same rush as a hug from family and friends and a snuffling nose attached to a furry body and wagging tail. (Molly says arrr rroor grrr !!!) translating to “Give yourself a break” Mama Chickpea

  4. Wow, in many ways this could be me writing this. I love your honesty when recounting your journey thus far. I too, at times, have looked back and thought this wasn’t how I saw my life would be. Then I look around and count my many blessings and gratitudes: my children whom I love, a dear husband and marvellous family and friends. I do agree, that blogging, writing, sharing thoughts and recipes has been a balm to the soul and an avenue of creative expression. We can’t all be heroes but the small things in a great way can also make a big difference to the everyday life of ourselves and those around us. Thanks for a really great post.

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