Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Sixteen

I am so grateful for the long weekend. Plenty of time to catch up with family and friends, which is why this blog is coming to you just before dinner on Easter Sunday night. Chris and I had a busy four days and we are looking forward to some relaxing tomorrow, and another short week ahead. Here I present my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week Sixteen:

Monday: Today I was grateful for a fast run after a long day in the office chair. I was also grateful to come home and make dinner for Chris who, even though the recipe was a bit of a flop, ate it all up and told me how delicious it was. Grateful to have someone always in my corner.

Tuesday: Today I was in the office early and I was grateful to escape for lunch with my friend Jess who came back from her honeymoon today! It was wonderful to catch up over sushi and sit out in the sunshine for a little while. I was also grateful to go grocery shopping with Chris. Even the most mundane of tasks are fun when you love spending time with the person you are with.

Wednesday: We kicked off the evening with our usual walk and talk. I am grateful that these have become a tradition. And it’s a good thing we snuck in some exercise tonight before I started doing some baking for both of our workplaces because I had to ‘test’ the buttercream (several times…). I am grateful for our little kitchen by the bay, however frustrated I may get sometimes.

mocha cupcakes

Thursday: Today was my darling friend Caroline’s birthday! To celebrate we all met up for dinner (Thai – yum) and then watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Grateful to celebrate my best friend’s birthday and spend some time catching up with the people I care about. Also, I am grateful for Chris Evans. Sorry to my Chris, but I am grateful for Captain America (it’s the costume).

Friday: Today we slept in, which felt super luxurious because it was a Friday, and then I went for a run, did lots of baking (and salad making – come back tomorrow for a recipe!) and went home to see my parents and spend the night with them. I was grateful to watch a British murder mystery with my Mum and lounge about with Molly and the cat at my feet.


Saturday: Today I slept in (again!) and then went for a big walk around the neighbourhood. I was grateful for the exercise because in the evening my darling little sister hosted an Easter dinner party for our adopted family and there was so much good food. I went over early to help (really watch Jess and peel potatoes) with dinner and visit my “fur niece” Storm. Jess made a delicious hazelnut flourless chocolate cake, I brought along my Sprinkle and White Chocolate Cookies, and Casey provided some rocky road ice cream. I am so grateful to have a selection of friends with varied interests who can all gather around a dinner table and laugh and good-naturedly argue with one another and just revel in each other’s company.

The gorgeous Storm

The gorgeous Storm

Sunday: Today Jess and I started the morning with a big walk. Another good idea because today was all about the family and when my family is involved feasting comes along too. I was grateful to spend some quality time with my little sister, she balances me out, and also grateful that she and Dad helped me to wash my car (gotta keep my new baby shiny!). Then we headed over to my Aunty’s house and ate yummy food (I brought along my Melt and Mix Brownies – made with gluten free flour: easy, decadent, and always appreciated). I am grateful for my family. Each one of them brings something special to the table and our loud ragtag bunch keep one another on their toes.

Tonight Chris and I are going to have toast for dinner and lie around watching science shows (we are the cool kids…) and the next couple of weeks might be spent running in repentance for the number of Easter eggs I managed to eat….

Also this week:

Tell me dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

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