Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Fifteen

This week was amazing and busy with adventures, which is why I am delivering this Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 a little late. So much life to live and so much to be grateful for. Here I present Week Fifteen:

Monday: Grateful that when I got home after a full and busy day (including run, meetings, and paperwork) and find Chris waiting with snuggles and a new television show for us to watch together and relax. We are both admirers of Neil deGrasse Tyson and his new show Cosmos is fascinating for two science nerds like us. Romance: our way.

Tuesday: Up this morning before the sun and grateful to head down to the harbour for a run. The autumn mornings make it tempting to stay in bed, but the call of the footpaths near the bay draw me out of bed most mornings. Grateful to have a beautiful place to run.

Sunrise 4_8

Wednesday: Tonight I was so grateful to go for a walk with Chris after work. I hope our Wednesday walks become a tradition. We get to talk about anything and everything and being outside while the sun goes down strips away the stress of the day. I was also grateful for a surprise visit from Chris’s parents. Short but sweet.

Thursday: Sometimes we have difficult conversations, well maybe not difficult but challenging, and I am not always good at computing my feelings and opinions right on the spot. That is why I am grateful to Chris for giving me hugs and time to think about things and letting me express my opinion when it comes to me. Also, I am grateful to Dad for rescuing me in the driveway and helping me get my trillion shopping bags into the house.

Friday: Today I took myself out of the office for lunch. I picked up some sushi and drove to a local park and sat in the sunshine just listening to the silence. Then, I made use of the swing set swooshing up and back and dangling my head back to get a better view of the sky. I am grateful that I took that opportunity because it reminded me how free I felt as a child, and how I can recapture that now as an adult.

In the park at lunchtime

Saturday:Today was filled with celebration of family. Mum and I headed to the markets early in the morning for some breakfast and found some beautiful produce for the week ahead. Then I got in a quick run before we all headed down the coast to celebrate the wedding of two dear friends. Congratulations Bree and Justin and thank you so much for inviting us to be part of your special day. I am so grateful to be able to bear witness to two wonderful young people promising their lives and love to one another. Also grateful for dancing, lolly bars, and watching the sunset with a cool drink in my hand.

Bree wedding

Sunday:This morning I shared a wonderful morning walk with my sister. I was grateful to catch up with her and burn off some of the cake from last night! I was also grateful to do some Easter baking and make some perfect gluten free chocolate cupcakes (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post). Then in the evening Chris and I headed to a new (to us) Turkish restaurant and caught up with our closest group of friends. Grateful for all the love today.

Easter cupcakes

Also this week:

It’s been a little quiet round here, just working out some space and housing issues and then I will be back in the kitchen with a vengeance!

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