Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Weeks Twelve and Thirteen

The past two weeks have been like a bitter-sweet chocolate and caramel layer cake. There have been challenging bittersweet moments that have exposed areas of my own personality and temperament that I need to work on; and, there have been moment of sweetness and light where life is nothing but honey and sunshine. Together they are the reason we keep living and love this life. I present my Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Weeks Twelve and Thirteen.

Monday: Today I am grateful for serendipitous moments and acts of kindness. This morning Chris ironed my shirt for me (I don’t iron – ever) while I made lunches, and this afternoon while I was out for a run I spotted my sister walking her pup and we got to catch up for a few minutes. This evening we went out for the surprise birthday party of a friend (hi Therese!) and I was grateful to get out on a Monday night and leave the stress of the day behind.

Tuesday: Today I am grateful for reaching out to a company whose products I use and for them embracing my recipe and sharing it with their Facebook fans. It was an unexpected delight, and I love when I can spread the sweetness around!

Oatmeal Caramel Cookies | Thoroughly Nourished Life

Wednesday: Tonight Chris and I managed to catch up for another gym date. Then we went home and ate leftover tacos and watched True Detective. Being an adult isn’t all bad. I am really grateful that we have these quiet nights at home and I am looking forward to when we finally have our own house so that we will have our nightly rituals.

Thursday: Today I am grateful for the big blue skies and strangely shaped clouds that made for a beautiful lunch time walk, and for big salads for dinner and for being able to make red velvet cupcakes for Chris to share at work.

Friday: Today I was grateful for a really great workout at the gym. The cardio area was nearly empty and I totally rocked my run, and then managed to rock my weights afterwards. Then salad for dinner again because tomorrow is birthday cake day!

Saturday: Today I was grateful to start my day with a really long walk with Jess. I find that if I make this a regular practice I am calmer and happier in general. We both get to exercise and get out all the things we can only say in each other’s company. I am grateful for a little sister who is also one of my best friends. Speaking of her awesomeness she also made the most delicious chocolate caramel slice and caramel corn (both gluten free!) for my birthday party tonight. We met new friends, laughed a lot and ate way too much. A perfect way to usher in birthday weekend.

photo 1 (5)

Sunday: Today Jess and I managed another long walk, which is a good thing because I ate my own body weight in sugar on Saturday night. Then Chris and I hopped in the car and headed off to Byron Bay! I was so grateful to get away for my birthday, and to explore somewhere I had never been before. The coast road was so beautiful and we passed through some of the prettiest country I have ever seen; rolling green hills and little farmhouses perched on top beneath clusters of trees. Our bed and breakfast was charmingly beachy and only a two minute walk away from the ocean. We went for a walk at sunset and watched all the stars come out before we headed out to dinner. That night I fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing.

photo 3 (1)

Monday: Today was my actual birthday! We started the day with a trip to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Chris and I trekked down to the Easternmost point of mainland Australia! I was grateful that we could walk out so far and watch the water boil and splash over the tops of the jagged black rocks. I can only imagine what the first people who walked on that land must have felt when they saw such a wild place. It was a good way to start life as a 27 year old. These rocks have been here for longer than I can imagine, and they will be here long after. It really puts life into perspective. After our walk we treated ourselves to breakfast and then headed home. My birthday night was spent in the company of my family eating tacos, sneaking bites of leftover cake, and emptying sand out of my shoes.

Amy Byron

photo 2 (2)

Tuesday: This morning I woke to rain and I was grateful to be able to ride the bike inside. After an indulgent weekend I am trying to get some balance back into my life. I had the nicest surprise at work today too – my co-workers had organised a surprise morning tea for me. Everyone sang me happy birthday. There may have been a little tear. So grateful for these lovely people.

Wednesday: Today I am grateful for the social media that make this vast world into a village. I got to joke around with an amazing lady  who I met through blogging and who has become a great friend and inspiration (PS you should really check out her awesome new company).

Thursday: Today I had a secret surprise project to work on for tomorrow at work and I was itching to get out of the office and into the kitchen. Then I spent about four hours up to my elbows in chocolate, butter and sugar. Heaven. Today I was grateful for Chris’s calming presence because we discovered (after we got into bed and I was about to fall asleep) that we had some unexpected paper work to fill out for the house. Let’s just say that my reaction was less than calm. I am so grateful for Chris and the way he deals with problems in a calm efficient manner…except for bad poker calls….but let’s not go there.

Choc cupcakes with choc mint buttercream

Friday: Today I was grateful to be able to surprise a dear friend at work with some cupcakes to celebrate her upcoming wedding! I was also grateful that in the eleventh hour when I was in the middle of a baking job for a Saturday morning birthday party, that my little sister and my Mum came to rescue me when things weren’t looking so good. Very grateful for these amazing women who show me the definition of strength and grace every day.

 Saturday: Today started off with a much-needed trip to the farmer’s markets to have breakfast and gather produce for the week. There was coffee, breakfast loaf, and Mum even found me a gluten free bagel for my breakfast tomorrow. (note to self: buy more of these gluten free bagels they are amazing). Then I delivered a cake and cupcakes to a very happy mum and dad for their twins’ birthday party, had a sweaty and sweet interval run and weights session, and then got to spend some time with Chris before we went to have dinner with his family. Grateful for filling up my love tanks today.

Sun setting Toowoomba


Sunday: Today I am grateful for a huge sleep in. A lazy Sunday morning is a rare occurrence for me because I like to be up and about and make the most of my weekend, but today I just let my body rest – and it was good. Today I am also off to a pre-wedding event for a dear friend and I can’t wait to spend time with the other ladies sipping tea and sitting amongst pretty things.

Tell me, dear reader, what have you been grateful for the past two weeks?

4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Weeks Twelve and Thirteen

  1. Such a lovely birthday you had! 27’s a good age 🙂

    Also, you headed down to my part of the world, awesome! (I grew up in northern NSW 20 minutes from Byron). It’s amazing how green everything gets when you’re driving down there.

    Your photos of cakes and cookies aren’t helping my health kick I must say, they look so wonderful!

    • Thanks Emma, it was a beautiful birthday and so far 27 is feeling good 🙂
      I loved Byron so much and I can’t wait to get back down there. Hopefully for a longer time period too! All those cakes and cookies aren’t helping me either. Time for some healthy autumn eating definitely 🙂

  2. i say it all the time but u and Chris there are just the cutest!!! i’m STILL sending u happy birthday vibes, shall we make it a month of celebrating the Chickpea? 😉 hehe. i’m so happy ur special day was spent with ur most special peepsl. 🙂

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