Thoroughly Nourished Finds – A Quick List

Let’s have a list this week! I’m in the mood for a streamlined download of the interesting and awesome things I have found around the web. So, here’s a quick edition of Thoroughly Nourished Finds:

The poster above (which is a free download) will be going somewhere in our new house for sure.

I love taking photos (anyone who follows my Instagram, I apologise for the stream of consciousness frequency) and this chipboard album from the genius ladies at A Beautiful Mess would be a perfect way to display some of my favourites.

Because I love tacos and Chris loves tacos, and, and just look at the cheese stretch in motion.

I have loved Pimms since a birthday high tea many years ago and now Joy has brought a perfect Pimms cocktail into my life. Thank you Ms. The Baker.

These photos of Chocolate Macarons with Blackberry Filling just destroyed me. Prediction: they are in my very near future.

I am in a non-fiction mood at the moment and after hearing many interviews with author Jung Chang, this biography of the powerful Empress Dowager Cixi is on my reading list.

A lazy Sunday morning calls for a huge stack of these Hazelnut Pancakes with Chocolate Coconut Cream.

And then I would go for a run and do this awesome leg work out that give Carrie Underwood her enviable pins, because it’s all about balance.

Finally, a new place to fantasise about visiting – The Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile – like something from a fairy tale, and I’ve already got my prince charming!

P.S. It’s my birthday this weekend, and I think a gluten free version of this cake is going to feature on my dinner table for the occasion!

Your turn readers!  The quick list of what’s been fascinating you!

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