Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Ten

This week was one that brought with it a reminder of the importance of everyday moments and the value of home for a healthy heart. Home has so many different meanings for me. ‘Home is where the heart is’ probably describes my philosophy best, and with many people who occupy my heart, I am at home wherever I go. The value of home though is the way you can walk through your front door and close the worries of the world out. I am grateful for my home and knowing that the door is always open to me when I need it. Here is, the Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Ten:


Monday: Today I am grateful for the welcome home Molly gives me every day. It doesn’t matter how hard she has worked – chasing birds, eating bones, sunning her belly – she always has enough energy and enough love to run to the door and give me doggy cuddles and kisses. She listens to stories about my day and then tells me all about hers as only a malamute can. I am so grateful that my parents rescued Molly, she has brought so much light into our lives.

Tuesday: Today I am grateful for the stunning sunset I saw on the way home from the gym. I actually stopped (safely) in the turning lane and stared at it in awe. Luckily there were no drivers behind me!

photo (32)

Wednesday: Today I am grateful for a perfect evening. I came home, went for a run, talked to my darling while making us delicious risotto for dinner, and then listened to obnoxious pop music while cleaning the kitchen.

Thursday: Today I was stuck in a traffic jam that turned my thirty minute commute into a two hour ordeal. First world problems, I know. But I was grateful for an NPR podcast about what it takes to be happy, which is something that I am working on in my life at the moment. My takeaways from the podcast? It’s okay to slow down, slowing down actually helps our happiness levels and our satisfaction with our life; and, making the time to reflect on what we are grateful for in our life has the same effect.

Friday: I think Friday’s are everyone’s favourite day at work. Today I was grateful for a very talented pathologist on my way to work who made getting blood drawn a very painless process. I was grateful to have lunch with my friend Jess – Friday lunches are the best! Sitting outside, talking about travel, and eating amazing sushi. I was also grateful to have a run after work – my speed and strength have increased so much since my surgery and I am grateful for it every time I run.

Image (1)

Saturday: What a busy day! With so much to be grateful for too. Mum, Jess, and I started our day off with a trip to the markets. We had cranberry, almond and poppyseed bread and wandered among the abundance of late summer produce filing our baskets with supplies and our bellies with samples. I am particularly excited about some fresh beetroot, banana peppers for stuffing, and the first of season Fuji apples. I am always most grateful for the produce this time of year. I was also grateful for a trip to the library on the way home where I stocked up on some new cookbooks to read this fortnight. This afternoon Chris and I did something really exciting….WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We won’t be able to move in until April next year because we are building our townhouse from the ground up. Well, the builders are technically doing the building, but anyhoo, in a little over twelve months we will be moving into our own little cottage. I am so grateful that we are in a position to do this, and grateful that I have this wonderful man to build my life with.

Sunday: I was grateful for the sleep in that I had this morning, and when I woke up I discovered that Dad had already done one of my Sunday chores for me – he had washed my car. Thank you Dad, I am so grateful for the caring things you do for me. I am also grateful for some time to get a start on my university dissertation, which is what I am supposed to be working on right now, but a girl needs a break, right?

Also this week:

Tell me, dear reader, what have you been grateful for this week? Any random acts of kindness that someone has bestowed upon you, or that you have done for someone else?


2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Ten

  1. Your week has been crammed girl and Molly is super cute. I’ve had a busy one too, but the highlight has been making some ice cream from some wild blackberries gifted to me by my sweet sister and her family. It’s not every day that someone puts their epidermis on the line in the pursuit of wild berries for me.

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