Before Autumn Leaves (A List)

I love the season of autumn. I am sure I have waxed poetic about the season of falling leaves, fireplace scented morning runs, and weekend bed bound reading sessions before.

I shared a rather ambitious Summer To Do List and I didn’t manage to achieve many of the things that I set out to. I keep forgetting that the days fill up so quickly with the must dos that the want to dos generally fall by the wayside.

I want to revel in the cooling days before winter. Autumn is my favourite season (not only because it contains my birthday!) but also because here in Brisbane autumn is just the softer end of summer. The days are still warm, but the mornings and evenings tickle your toes with their creeping chill, soup and socks seem more appropriate, and running outside is a boundless joy for the soul.

Autumn leaves

This autumn for me is full of dissertation writing, celebrating the weddings of friends, and a trip out west (Road trippin’!). In amongst the busy days and the myriad birthdays seem to populate these months I have three simple goals I would like to achieve in the midst of this busy, nourished life.

  1. Go hiking with friends
  2. Knit myself a scarf
  3. Make a gluten free pumpkin pie

I am excited for this golden ochre season, but I’m still enjoying this end of summer.

Before the autumn leaves come round I’m going out to enjoy the summer sunshine just a little more.

Tell me, dear reader, what is on your Autumn To Do List? Or Spring List for my northern hemisphere friends?

Charles Dickens

3 thoughts on “Before Autumn Leaves (A List)

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  2. Any list that I make usually consist of things like chocolate, coffee, flour, butter, sugar… I don’t really have To-Do Lists, but I’d like to finish a quilt I started last Autumn!!!! AND read some of the books that resemble The Leaning Tower of Pisa next to my bed AND weed the veggie patch and prep the beds AND watch more movies AND make more home made pasta AND remember to put hand cream on every night AND… may be I should make a To-Do List.

    • Perhaps an I wish to do list? You are one busy woman!
      My Mum is a quilter too and some of her creations have taken years, so you are still quite on track with that one 🙂
      I have similar towers all over my room, it is starting to look like Hong Kong! But, I think the priority there has to be the homemade pasta – yummy!

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