Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 – Week Eight

Some weeks feel like you are chewing gum the whole time; trying to work through things in your mind and your thoughts just going over and over, around and around, until you are lost in a daze. It feels like you are walking through thickest fog and your lamplight keeps bouncing off the mist and back into your face. Then it’s time to stop trying to use your eyes to find out where you are and guide you home. It’s time to open your other senses to the world around you, breathe deep, listen for your heart to tell you the true way home. This week I have felt a little off kilter, and it was only when I really listened to my heart, and let it speak to others that I was able to find my way back home to happy. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Eight.

Monday: When I went for my walk this morning there were balloons in the sky on the horizon. What a magnificent view of the fiery sunrise they must have had. This evening Chris came for dinner and we talked about some plans we have (that I will share with you as soon as they are more concrete). I am grateful that Chris and I can have healthy debate about how we would like to decorate our (hopeful) future home. Although we might have some different ideas, and very opposing views, it will be nice to have a home that reflects both of our personalities.

Tuesday: Tonight I got home from work and went for my first run since my surgery. It was slow, there was walking involved, but it felt so awesome. I was in my own race of one and I was grateful for my body healing itself so well. When I got back, drenched in sweat, my Mum had made dinner for me! All I had to do was shower and flop myself down at the dinner table. I was grateful for a delicious dinner made with love.

Back to my beloved pavement

Back to my beloved pavement.

Wednesday: I just wasn’t feeling in the mood for anything today. You know those days where you are just somewhere else, like your head is in another room to the rest of the world? I was having one of those days and I am grateful for having Chris there leading me back to the present. We ate a delicious salad for dinner, watched the winter Olympics, and just enjoyed our midweek moments together.

Monday skies

Stormy skies.

Thursday: Tomorrow we are having a fundraising morning tea and free dress day for the Surf Life Savers, so tonight I got down to work making coconut cupcakes that mildly resembled the sand, surf, and lifesaving flags. It was super fun. I was grateful that I could do something simple that would help a good cause. I was also grateful to have some quiet time back in the kitchen. I never want to leave.

Cupcakes for Life Savers

Cupcakes for Life Savers

Friday: Today I stepped back into the gym for the first time, and it was wonderful. An 8km run punctuated by some short walking breaks and breaking back into the weights room with that medicine ball routine I mentioned during the week certainly got my heart pumping. When I got home I was grateful to potter around the kitchen and make myself a perfect dinner while chatting to my parents and then curl up with a book before falling into a deep sleep.

Saturday: Early to rise today! I got up to stretch my tired legs and gratefully listened to the latest Joy the Baker Podcast while walking in the heady summer morning. I always have to stop myself from laughing out loud while listening to those two, especially when out in public. This afternoon I headed out with Mum and Jess to celebrate the bridal shower of a dear friend. (Hi Bree!) I brought along a little treat that I will share very soon (hint: there’s coconut involved). Grateful to spend an afternoon among the trees with a beautiful bunch of ladies. I was also grateful when I saw that Tracy from Shutterbean had mentioned my Espresso Hazelnut Flourless Chocolate Cookies in her ‘I Love Lists, Friday‘ post this week. Thank you Tracy!

Saturday breakfast (healthy chocolate!)

Saturday breakfast (healthy chocolate!)

Sunday: I am grateful for the love of a kind and patient man who takes care of me when I have a grey sky day. I am grateful for furniture shopping expeditions, holding hands, and letting me steal sips of your chocolate milkshake. Thank you sweetheart.

Lounge shopping with my hero

Lounge shopping with my hero

The week ahead holds more at home adventures; getting back into study for both Chris (technical things abound) and I (I will finish my dissertation this year, I will!); and some opportunities to share some healthy and not so healthy recipes with you all.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? Do you have an opinion on the leather/non-leather couch issue? I’m a fabric girl myself (leather is too sticky in summer and makes weird sounds) but Chris and I found a pretty comfy leather one today! Help!

Please share your thoughts

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