Gratitude List 2014 – Week Seven

This week I returned to work, and even though the days were filled with emails, spreadsheets, and documents, I focused on finding something I was grateful for in every one. I have been trying to stay true to my promise to gather every minute of time and it has made me more attuned to the stories happening around me all the time. I think there is a lot to learn from being present, and my gratitude lists are one way that I keep myself accountable for the days that pass. Here is my Nourished Life 2014 Gratitude List Week Seven.

Monday: Today was my return to work, and my sweet workmates had made signs for my desk to welcome me back to the office. It was a definite cure for Monday-itis and made up for the countless emails that needed attending to. I was grateful for the lovely thought and the gesture of welcome.

Welcome back to me!

Welcome back to me!

Tuesday: Today was all about the light. I was so grateful for the morning sunrise, the midday heat that meant lunch outside with a friend, and the evening sunset that bathed me with light on my second walk of the day. I am a creature of the daylight.

My sunset walk

My sunset walk

Wednesday: My Uncle Nigel was an unexpected but super welcome guest at our house tonight! Passing through town meant he could take some time to stop and have dinner with us and catch up. I am so grateful for the visit.

Thursday: Today I went back to see my surgeon – and he gave me the all clear! Although I still need to wait another week before I can ease back into running (watch here for progress) I am all healed up. I am grateful to have my health back again. Everything happened so quickly with my operation that I went from a faster running pace and feeling like I was making huge gains to nearly having to crawl to get around. It has made me more aware of the blessing it is to be able to move and not to take my health for granted.

Friday: Valentine’s Day! I love this holiday. The hearts, the chocolate, the chance to shout from the mountains that you love someone. I made cupcakes for work too. I am grateful for the darling man in my life who makes everyday shine brighter and who knows all my deepest secrets, shames, fears and dreams and loves me anyway. I am grateful for you Chris. Tonight we ate gourmet pizza and watched British quiz shows – our perfect date night.

Banana Cupcake 2

Coffee Banana Date Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Saturday: I love being down by the bay on a summer weekend. I got up early this morning and headed down for a long walk by the water. It was a perfectly relaxing start to the day. Chris and I went to dinner at the home of a new friend and her fiancé and had such a great time. I was grateful to have a great night and find that we had so many things in common. I can’t wait for the next time. (Also, I brought some delicious cookies that I will share with you all tomorrow.)

Walk 15_2_14

Far out on the bay

Espresso Hazelnut Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Sunday: Tonight I was grateful to end my weekend surrounded by people I love. Casey hosted a wonderful family dinner and as per usual treated us all to delights for the palate. My particular favourite was her glorious chocolate crème brulee and macadamia ice cream. I think I need to get my ice cream maker out again!

The week ahead promises to be just as full. We have a Hawaiian Shirt Day coming up at work to raise money for the Surf Life Savers, I have a bridal shower for a dear friend, and who knows what other adventures lay in wait.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

One thought on “Gratitude List 2014 – Week Seven

  1. YAY for the all clear from the doctors!!! YES!! goodness, don’t you go scaring us again like that again…like ever again!!
    i was so happy to see you got showered with love back at your work, they should know how lucky they are to have my Chickpea! and so cool your uncle came for a pop-in visit. 🙂
    and valentines day, how special for the two of you and for DANG sure i’m glad you both included ample amounts of chocolate and sweets! 🙂

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