These Things Happen

I had an awesome taco recipe to share with you today. Proof:

Sometimes though the universe throws a major spanner in the works and you end up having an emergency laparoscopy and cholecystectomy (the fancy names for opening your tummy and taking out your gallbladder).
Yeah, that was my day yesterday. But apart from the not so awesome, I was reminded of what a privileged and blessed life I lead. My darling Chris drove me to two hospitals until we found an emergency department and then stayed with me through it all. The wonderful Casey relieved Chris and kept me entertained with cat videos, bug life talks, and even let me smell her hot chips and gravy to sate my appetite through scent. My family kept my spirits up and Mama waited until everything was over so she could tuck me in and kiss me goodnight.
I have to say a huge thanks to the staff at both Redlands Hospital and Sunnybank Private Hospital. The professional service and personable attitude show the true depth of your care. Thanks to my old school friend Michelle who works here at Sunnybank – so nice to see a friendly face.
Well I am going to sleep off my latest painkiller and I promise we will return to regularly scheduled programming soon.
Until then, until I can eat and run again, why don’t you eat a few of these for me.


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