Thoroughly Nourished Finds: Let’s Play House

I have got houses on the brain at the moment. Chris and I are currently looking at real estate and deciding what will suit us. It’s strange for someone so used to making her own decisions that I am now making this big decision and having to take someone else’s needs, wants, and desires into consideration. We are lucky that we are so similar in so many ways, and the house hunting hasn’t really been painful at all. In fact, like many of our generation I suspect, we have done most of ours on an electronic device of some kind while lying in bed drinking tea. My dad is shaking his head as he reads this, I can tell.

With houses on the brain I have been dreaming about how our own little cottage will finally look: the things that we will choose to fill the space that we are deciding will be ours to share. For this will be our home and I want it to reflect as much. Things that we both think speak of our tastes and natures and our sense of fun. Although, Chris, can you keep the full-size Wookie statue in your office, please?

If you follow my on Pinterest you have probably seen me collecting house design and organisation tips in enthusiastic binges lately. Today in this edition of Thoroughly Nourished Finds I am sharing with you some of my favourites. Hopefully I will get to put these to good use soon!

Of course the first room in the house that my mind goes to is the kitchen, and there are so many helpful resources to help organise, decorate, and design the heart of the home.

I really want to buy this print from EatSayLove on Etsy. Perfect for two people with big sweet teeth!

lick the bowl

From EatSayLove on Etsy

On a more practical note, this article from The Kitchn about the 10 best kitchen tools to buy at IKEA gave me some good storage ideas. As a young couple we don’t have an unlimited budget, and IKEA with its great storage solutions and interesting design sense (sometimes a little too interesting) is a good option for basics that will do the job, last long enough, and look good. I love the idea of storing our basics in sealed glass jars, and the Rationell flatware tray is much nicer than most of the plastic ones I have seen.

Also on a practical note, these articles about ways to find more affordable white goods and the best time of the year to shop for anything will be very helpful when it comes to purchasing those important, and often expensive, items.

I love making cupcakes (which you probably all knew anyway) and the idea of keeping the pretty papers in a big jar on the bench makes for easy access, and a sprinkling of bright colours too.


I have also been gathering ideas for decorating the bedroom. I want it to feel like a really comfortable and plush hotel room. The kind with the fancy brand soaps, coffee table books, and fine china mugs in the cabinet next to the complimentary coffee machine.

I am obsessed with this photo from Meredith Heron Design. Everything about it is balanced to my (untrained) eye. I love the turquoise drawers, the neutral lamp and the shocking orange and yellow flowers. I hope we can recreate this in some way – watch out, I might have to get crafty…

Another way to make our home our own? Put a stamp on it, literally! Well, a stencil actually, not a stamp, but this DIY feature wall will definitely have the desired effect.

I am hoping that we can fill the walls with photographs, prints and posters and this advice on how to structure a gallery wall makes sense – and there are diagrams!

Contrary to popular opinion I actually enjoy some handicrafts – generally the quiet ones truth be told – and a project to remake an old dresser into a shabby cottage chic TV cabinet is something this lady could see herself doing. An old cabinet, some sandpaper and some paint and we can have our own for much less than the cost of one in the store.

Although, if this plan comes to fruition, I won’t need a TV stand because we will be able to disguise the TV on the wall with a screen of photos.

bye bye TV

These are my main ideas at the moment, and although nothing is concrete yet, I am having fun considering what our home might look like. I promise to keep you all updated. What a thoroughly nourished life I am living indeed.

Tell me, do you have any decorating/organising tips for two first home buyers? What’s your favourite room in the house? I think we all know mine is the kitchen! What colour do you think we should paint our feature wall? I like navy blue, but Chris is considering orange or red…

5 thoughts on “Thoroughly Nourished Finds: Let’s Play House

  1. We had a gorgeous feature wall in our last home that was brown suede. Loved the look. It was like rich chocolate. We don’t really have anywhere in this home that we could make into a feature wall right now though.
    Have fun. Your enthusiasm shines through in your post.

  2. YES for new cottage, YES for decorating!! hehe. okay, brining up ur Pinterest activity, can i please say you need to make sure to have some Audrey art on those walls too! i was loving some of the shots u found/pinned. 🙂 love her!
    haha…and you would NEED a tricked out kitchen, for sure!! on that room in the house, i think u should give urself license to chuck out any ‘practical’ thoughts and fill it with anything and everything that makes your heart smile. that space is certainly one place your talents shine….just ONE place. 🙂 keep on dreaming away, and can’t wait to see real pix when u two find your place. 🙂
    PS- treadmill in there somewhere?? that’s my suggestion…bwahahaha

    • You have to come and stay with us when you make it to Australia 🙂
      I will definitely have to have an ode to the awesome women I admire, perhaps in the walk in robe…
      Definitely throwing out many practical thoughts for the kitchen and just letting myself enjoy it!
      I would love a treadmill, but it looks like there won’t be enough room; however, there is a gym 1km from the house, and plenty of trails in the nearby (10min away) state forest 🙂 Lots of new places to explore!

  3. Ok so I am a bit delayed in commentville but I totally jumped for joy when I read this. It is such an exciting time and so many special memories will be made in this home.

    Now I’m no decorator but Big A and I were just talking on the weekend how different our furniture choices would have been in hindsight. We bought all things that were us (beautiful timber etc) and since Little A arrived most of our furniture and decorations have been moved to shed or passed on. Nothing we had was child friendly and 80% of our house has been replaced with Ikea furniture while we get through the young children years.

    I long to have a formal lounge or study – a room that is all adult but we just don’t have the space at the moment.

    So my long winded tip is to think long term about how you are going to use your home. Life changes so quickly at this stage.

    Have you found a place???

    Can’t wait to follow this journey! :=)

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