Gratitude List – Week Two and Three

Well, last Sunday I was a little busy running the Cadbury Half Marathon (and doing some eating and sleeping afterwards) so I didn’t have a chance to post my Gratitude List post. Here is a two week mega Gratitude List for Week Two and Three of 2014.

Monday: Have you ever had a day where you laid on the couch and just read? Well, this morning I started a book (Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan) and discounting a few moves to the kitchen for provisions I laid on the couch until I closed the last page. Definitely recommended. I was grateful for a day to lose myself in the pages of a book and surrender to the story. I was grateful for the stationary bike too: I can read a book on my iPad while riding away! The miles certainly fly past.

run before cadbury

Tuesday: This afternoon was one of my last runs before the half marathon, and I was grateful to see my sister, her husband and their beautiful dog while I was out for my run. Their waves and smiles definitely helped me keep my pace up.

Wednesday: Today I got news that a dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. She has a hard road ahead, but the doctor has given her good prospects. I am so grateful that I have my health and I am going to take this chance to help her in whatever way I can to pay her back for all the help she has given me over the years.

Thursday: Casey came and visited me today! I am grateful that I got to see one of my nearest and dearest friends. We had lots of talks about important things, ate delicious food, and I even got to do some baking.

Friday: Chris and I headed off for our Hobart adventure today! I was very grateful to Dad and Jess for taking us to the airport before they headed off to work for the day. I was also grateful for a wonderful walk along the water with Chris before dinner.


Not a bad view. We’ll take the red one!

Saturday: I was grateful for a chance to walk through the suburbs of Hobart and show Chris around. I was also grateful for our great afternoon tea at Beaujangles Cafe and Coffee Shop where I got to have one of my favourite cookies ever – a gluten free Lemon Cookie (I need to work on a recipe I think..).

Sunday: Race Day! I was grateful for the run, grateful to every single person on the course who cheered us on and all my fellow runners for their silent encouragement, and I was most grateful to my darling Chris for being my support team. I was grateful for my body and the wonder that is pure movement. 

Monday: Today I was grateful for a sleep in. I was so grateful for our cruise along the Derwent River. We had the opportunity to see an amazing part of the country. Cruising past the 500 million year old dolomite rocks certainly put our lives into perspective. We really do have to make our mark during the few loops around the sun that we have on this earth.


Tuesday: Our last day and I was grateful to Mum for picking us up from the airport. I spent the afternoon lying on the couch and then made a big pot of vegetable and chickpea soup to help me get back on track after my week of indulgent eating.

Wednesday: Back to work today. I was grateful to get out for a walk in the morning light to help me relax for the day ahead. It was really nice to see all of my colleagues back in action as well.

Thursday: Despite the oppressiveness of the current heatwave, I am grateful for the beautifully sweet summer produce that this climate allows to flourish. I was also grateful to see my little sister when she came over for dinner this evening. We talked for hours until she had to go home again.

Friday: Back to Friday work lunches with my friend Jess. We caught up on our Christmas holidays and I was grateful for the break. I was also grateful to get to the gym after work and do some rather intense intervals. I am so happy that my body is feeling strong at the moment.

Friday night dinner

Friday night dinner

Saturday: Chris and I hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday and I was so grateful to go and see a movie (47 Ronin – it was okay) and have a sushi dinner with my darling. I was also grateful to see Chris’s grandma and his visiting Aunt Robin. Sweet and lovely ladies.

Sunday: Today Chris and I went out looking at some houses. I am so grateful that we are in a position to be able to look for a home that we can make our own. Stay posted!

Well folks, so much to be grateful for in the second and third weeks of the year. Tell me, what have you been grateful for this fortnight? Is anyone else joining my challenge of writing down one thing they are grateful for everyday? Remember, it doesn’t have to be something huge, just a little moment in the day that made you pause and remember to practice gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude List – Week Two and Three

  1. you’ve had some great two weeks. 🙂 i have to laugh only because every time i read Hogarts i TOTALLY think Hogwarts. 🙂 please, did u show him where u park your flying broom?? or i guess your flying shoes are a much better choice.
    sorry, random tangent, but i’m SOOO excited u guys are able to get a house for yourselves too!! just make sure it’s big enough so when a US runnerchick finally makes her way down there after a ton of dogpaddling…. 😉

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