Gratitude List 2014 – Week One

The first Sunday of 2014 has found me sitting in the cool of the air-conditioned house watching animated movies and eating banana and dried pineapple cookies. After my two long runs last week I am now in the official tapering phase of my Cadbury 2014 Half Marathon training. That tapering totally includes eating cookies and singing along to Disney songs.

The first week of 2014 has given me plenty of time to reflect on all that I was grateful for in 2013 and how I wanted to continue my weekly Nourished Life Gratitude Lists this year. My weekly reflections throughout 2013 increased my awareness of all the things I have to be grateful for everyday. I was reminded to keep my eyes open to the smallest of blessings and let my heart be touched by whatever beauty the universe offered to me that day.

In 2014 I will be continuing my Nourished Life Gratitude Lists and I am encouraging you all to join in with me. Take some time everyday to reflect on one thing that you are grateful for that day. It could be something that happens to you first thing in the morning. It might only be later that night that you realise something tiny and wonderful has happened to you. It only takes five minutes, but it gives so much more than that. At the end of every week, every month, when you look back over your everyday gratitude lists you begin to understand the magnitude of happiness and contentment with your life you can generate by simply taking the time to look around and be grateful for the simple things. Seek abundance in the everyday and make your life a thoroughly nourished one. Let me know in the comments below (or on twitter @amychatwin) if you are going to gratitude list along with me.

Here it is, Nourished Life Gratitude List 2014 Week One:

Wednesday: I am grateful for a slow start to 2014. Chris and I woke up late and made our way into 2014 slowly. There was no need to rush and so we procured some nourishing foods (we have slightly different definitions sometimes) and spent the day indulging in our passions of reading (me) and gaming (him). I am grateful that I got to spend the first day of the new year with my darling.

healthy start

Thursday: My first run of the year! I did my last long run before the half marathon – 15 kilometres finished off with a bike ride and some weights. I am grateful that I am feeling so strong this year after the health challenges of 2013. I am also grateful that I got to come home and read on the couch and have a long afternoon nap. Gotta love summer holidays.

Friday: Today I am grateful that I got to spend the whole day with my little sister. Jess and I went for a morning walk and then escaped the climbing temperatures and watched Lord of the Rings while she worked on a catering job and I provided ’emotional support’ (by eating the chocolate buttercream leftovers).

breakfast with Jess 2_1Saturday: Today’s temperatures hit a record high! We recorded 46.1 degrees at our house! Luckily we have air-conditioning, a fridge full of cool drinks, and ice cream in the freezer. I was grateful to be able to go for my run at the gym and then go to the movies in the afternoon with Chris. We saw American Hustle and I can only recommend it. I really do enjoy a movie that tells a meaty story and leaves you guessing until the very end. I am grateful for good storytellers.

Sunday: Sunday is my day of rest and after today’s sleep in, slow breakfast with my Mum, talking to Chris about important life stuff and doing some baking, I feel well rested indeed. I am grateful that I got to spend Sunday with my family and very grateful to my Mum for helping me to figure out some grown-up financial stuff too.

This week holds many exciting things. Early in the week I am planning to do some writing, get my head around all the awesome things ahead this year, and visit with some friends. And on Friday Chris and I leave for Hobart!

Tell me, what has the first week of 2014 brought for you to be grateful for? Are you going to join in the 2014 Gratitude List challenge with me?


6 thoughts on “Gratitude List 2014 – Week One

  1. G’day Amy! HOW refreshing to read someone who is grateful for all the things and people in their life; love reading positive thoughts and positive vibes! Well done and Happy New Year to you!
    Cheers! Joanne

  2. I loved reading your gratitude list. I also blog about gratitude and hope you will visit and share some of your wonderful gratitude. I was grateful to see American Hustle with my daughter who is a film major in college. It is wonderful to see a movie with a good story and great acting. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s rendition of “Live and Let Die.” It gave me the giggles. Life is better when we stop and reflect on life’s simple pleasures!
    Happy 2014
    Linda Davidson

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  4. how beautifully you’ve ushered in 2014 already…filled with the love of your sweetie and plenty of awesome sister time!! 🙂 i’m also PUMPED about your upcoming race…u’ll rock it! great job on that last long run and now it’s taper time…try to keep your mind busy so you don’t get ‘taper madness’ with that extra energy. 😉 i hope u got some time to put pen to paper (i guess that may mean fingers to keyboard tho in current times…lol) because the prose and words you spin are always so moving and eloquent. still can’t wait to read your book(s) one day! happy Monday! 🙂
    oh, as for me i’m so thankful that the start of my 2014 is seeing me living right close to my younger siblings so i can (annoy) visit them as much as i want! 😉

    • Thanks Cait! Mum has been on holidays lately so she has been keeping me from the taper-crazies and I have been spending a lot of time “resting my legs” on the couch with a good book 🙂
      I am glad you are closer to your family, which is awesome, and as an older sister myself I think we can agree that visiting (annoying) them as much as possible is very important 🙂

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