Welcome to 2014, and a Winner is Announced!

Welcome to the new year friends! I hope you all found a way to mark the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Chris and I were welcomed into the home of friends where we played board games, ate delicious food, and toasted the change of years with a bottle of champagne I had been saving for just an occasion. I was grateful that in the midnight of 2014 I was surrounded by people who warm my heart and our cheers and laughter were shared around the table and echoed out into the night.


Before I post the final gratitude list of 2014 (come back tomorrow) I would like to announce the winner of the first Thoroughly Nourished Life competition! Just so you know, Chris helped me with a random number generator so there is no selection bias here. With great thanks to Paul’s Warehouse I would like to announce that the winner of the $30 voucher is Lauren! Lauren left a sweet message about her healthy holiday plans:

My family has always been pretty active and in the past it was not unusual for us to gear up in lycra and complete a 50km cycle before Christmas breakfast. These days we are a bit more mellow. This could be because we are all a little older (and therefore more sensible) or it could be the magic ingredient that is the ocean. Our Christmases used to be spent in the city, but in recent years, we’ve packed up and headed to the coast. The reassuringly constant ebb and flow of the tides is like a metaphor for life – work and rest, give and receive, exercise and sleep, eat and digest. Things tend to find their own equilibrium if you let them. When you are in tune with your body, you will know what it wants and more often than not, it demands balance. Being beside the ocean puts life into perspective, helps me to be in tune with my body, and to ultimately find balance and peace.

I certainly felt the importance of relaxing and listening to my body while Chris and I were up the coast over Christmas and that balance is something I hope to carry with me into 2014.
Congratulations Lauren and thank you to everyone who entered! I hope that 2014 will take us on many exciting journeys together as we strive for a thoroughly nourished life.


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