Happy Healthy Holidays – and a Giveaway!

This morning I popped my earphones in, stretched a cranky calf muscle, and eased into my long run for the week. Playing away in my ears was a mix of Christmas classics (who doesn’t love ‘All I Want for Christmas?’) and I was feeling the spirit of the holidays with every mile that passed.

This evening I will be putting my feet up, doing some Christmas sweet making with my sister, and cuddling a cup of spiced hot chocolate while we watch ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ together for the thousandth time.

run christmas

My focus over the holidays is finding a healthy balance between nourishing my body with exercise, and nourishing my soul with seasonal treats.

Finding a healthy balance between exercise and healthy eating is important the whole year round, but at this time of year it can be a challenge.

My top tips for having a happy, healthy holiday are:

  • Schedule some time for yourself to be active and commit to it. This is a great way to relax and deal with the stress of the season.
  • Keep plenty of fresh, seasonal fruit on hand so that you have healthy snacks to reach for to balance out the Christmas cookies.
  • Let yourself indulge a little. Pick your favourite Christmas treat, serve yourself a small amount, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Be present while you are eating and savour the spirit of the season.
  • Make physical activity festive. Are there Christmas lights in your neighbourhood? Put your walking shoes on and take the kids for a look around after dinner (bonus: sleepy kids!).
  • Find an exercise partner. My sister and I are planning on taking a walk early on Christmas morning so that we can have some time together before we go off to our respective partner’s family Christmas celebrations.
  • Choose a fun run that takes place in the New Year and train for it over Christmas (this is my trick: Cadbury Half Marathon 2014 here I come!)

This year Paul’s Warehouse has given me a $30 discount voucher to give to one Thoroughly Nourished Life reader to help them find their healthy balance over the holiday season.

Paul’s sell a wide range of running shoes and clothing, and their prices are pretty competitive too – I know where I will be stocking up on my running gear for 2014!

To enter, all you need to do is tell me (in the comment section below) how you find a healthy balance in the holiday season. I’m open to any tips! How do you stay active? How do you keep your kids active? How do you balance out the sweet treats and the healthy eats?

The competition will close on the 30th of December so that one lucky reader will be able to reward and motivate themselves with some active gear to keep them running into 2014.

8 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Holidays – and a Giveaway!

  1. This time of year I always keep healthier snacks around the house, so when I want to grab a big cookie, I can grab some fruit or a single serve portion of trail mix instead. They’re all yummy, but I know I’ll feel better about the healthier options later.

  2. My family has always been pretty active and in the past it was not unusual for us to gear up in lycra and complete a 50km cycle before Christmas breakfast. These days we are a bit more mellow. This could be because we are all a little older (and therefore more sensible) or it could be the magic ingredient that is the ocean. Our Christmases used to be spent in the city, but in recent years, we’ve packed up and headed to the coast. The reassuringly constant ebb and flow of the tides is like a metaphor for life – work and rest, give and receive, exercise and sleep, eat and digest. Things tend to find their own equilibrium if you let them. When you are in tune with your body, you will know what it wants and more often than not, it demands balance. Being beside the ocean puts life into perspective, helps me to be in tune with my body, and to ultimately find balance and peace.
    Merry Christmas, Amy 🙂

    • 50km before breakfast! That’s impressive. I am glad you’ve found a gentler, more nourishing way to start the day and spend the tender end of the year. It’s so important to find that balance and peace within yourself and with the world. Thank you for sharing Lauren, and Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. I find this hard I have to admit, because I sort of see Christmas as a ‘treat’ season whereas the rest of the year I’m healthy, so I do tend to eat more than usual.

    That said, I continue to eat heaps of fresh fruit and vegies, make fruit and nut based desserts and snacks and try not to eat too much on the big day (you can still taste everything but use portion control).

    Happy Christmas Amy! Thanks for reading my blog this year.

    • Christmas is a treat season in our house too, which is why I need to make sure I keep active! There is always an abundance of fruit and vegetables around, and with all the different Christmas celebrations (Danish and then Australian) I try to keep those portions under control too!
      I love A Splash of Vanilla, and I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings for your blog. Thank you for all your support here on Thoroughly Nourished Life too 🙂

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  5. I love lots of Christmas treats but we are balancing that with lots of cold meats and salads, fresh seasonal fruit and swimming in the pool. 🙂
    I hope your Christmas was lovely and you didn’t suffer too much with the heat.

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