Gratitude List Week Thirty-Eight

This week was packed with so many things to enjoy that the time flew past and now I can sit back and relive them and really understand what I was grateful for in the moment of each one.

Monday: I was grateful for a quiet start to Monday morning. It seemed like half the office was out sick so I was able to catch up on some tasks and sneak out early to spend some quality Monday night time with Chris. I believe we may have been grooving (I’m now old enough to say grooving I feel) out to some Lily Allen while I cooked salmon and stir-fry.

run_dec 11

Tuesday: I did some writing tonight and I think I have finally found the best way for me to get words out onto the page. I need to write longhand. I was grateful for the opportunity to lie in bed and do some writing after a great run and a snuggled in bed dinner with Chris.


Wednesday: I have been craving soup lately but with blue skies and big fluffy clouds signalling long hot days and long hot nights, there hasn’t been an opportunity to make a big pot of something to warm myself up. This afternoon the skies darkened and the rain came pouring down shortly after I finished my run and I knew it was time. A bowl of tomato and borlotti bean soup was nourishing for both body and soul while the rain washed away the hot day and nourished the earth. I was grateful for both.

Thursday: This morning I was not feeling like a run – it happens. So I was grateful for a strength training workout where Jillian Michaels whipped my butt! I was grateful that in the evening I had the opportunity to make dinner for my family. It was only simple, but I love to be able to show them how much I care by being able to make something they enjoy and that they didn’t have to prepare.

Friday: Today I was grateful because Chris came over to spend Friday night with me. We usually spend Friday nights apart doing whatever chores have been left to the end of the week at our respective houses, but this week we had some time together. We made breakfast for dinner and then snuggled on the couch watching a scary thriller movie and eating Christmas m&ms. Perfect end to the week.


Saturday: Time for my long run this morning! I was grateful that I managed to do part of it outside, and that I had the option to finish off my 16km in the air-conditioned gym once the temperature climbed past 30C. I was also grateful to spend the night at my office Christmas party! We had great company, great food, and plenty of champagne and it was a lovely way to celebrate the end of a busy year and all that we have achieved so far. I was also very grateful to Chris for driving so that I could have a glass or two of the good stuff – best boyfriend award to you sweetheart.

Sunday: Today I was grateful that I didn’t have to get out of bed too early. I was able to snuggle under the sheets with Chris and talk about last night’s adventures. I was grateful to spend the rest of the day in the kitchen doing some Christmas baking. Then I was grateful to curl up for a nap under the fan until it was time to make some dinner.

run christmas


Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? Are you finding the time flies past at this end of the year?

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