Grateful For You, Dad

This week I am putting off the normal Gratitude List until tomorrow and dedicating today to my Dad. I am grateful to have this man as my father and my friend.

My Dad and Me.

My Dad and Me.

Today, a number of years ago, a baby came into this world. He was born in a small town and when he grew he longed to escape and seek adventure for himself. He hopped aboard a ship and sailed around the country that he loved. Along the way he got into scraps and scrapes, instigated many jaunts and japes, lived amongst the most colourful of characters and learned a great many things.

One day he rode into a northern town and saw the lady he knew he wanted to marry, and so he took her as his bride and together they worked hard to build a life for themselves and the two daughters they brought into the world, one dark, and one fair.

the whole family

Times were not always easy, but the four loved each other fiercely and the golden hours out-numbered the darker times. As his daughters grew the man taught them all the things he knew about the world and the skills they would need. He taught them to be generous with whatever they have; to give no matter how little they possess because good will and good deeds will always be repaid. He taught them to create, to let the sparkles inside their mind come to life and become reality. He taught them to work hard and put their heads down and never, ever give up. He taught them to live in the world, be proud of who they are and the names they bear, and to always look at things from a different perspective. He taught them to be loyal, to be fierce in their love of family and friends, and to leave the world a better place because of their being alive.

Today, his daughters are grown, and though they now make their own way in the world, it is with the lessons of their father, a great man, a great friend, a great teacher, in their hearts and minds.

We love you Dada. Happy Birthday.

5 thoughts on “Grateful For You, Dad

  1. awww, happy birthday to father chickpea!!! what an amazing man…especially living in a house full of all girls!! šŸ˜‰ jjuuuust kidding. you are quite lucky to have such a wonderful Dada and i’m sure this post warms his heart. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Cait! You are right, it can’t have been easy living in a house full of ladies sometimes šŸ™‚ I passed on your message, and father chickpea says ‘thank you’!

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